This tutorial shows how to use the DJ-Tabs component to display the DJ-Mediatools album in it.

I assume you already have some information about these components and use them. If you are just starting your adventure then you should check:

Go to Components-> DJ-Tabs-> Groups-> New

tabs groups new

Enter the title and click save and close.

tabs and mediatools save

Go to the items tab and click New.

items new

Enter the name, select the previously created group, select the type on "module position", and in "position" enter the name of the item on which we will later display Mediatools albums. It can be any, but unique - it can not be repeated anywhere else. Click save and close.

new item config

Now we will create a DJ-Mediatools album. Go to Components-> DJ-MediaTools-> Albums-> New

albums mt new

Enter the title of the album, upload images and click save and close.

album1 with images

Now it's time to create a DJ-Tabs module. Go to Extensions-> Modules and click New

new module

Choose DJ-Tabs from the list.

dj tabs module list

Enter the title, select the group (the one you created earlier), the position on which the module is to be published, and click save and close.

module tab config

Your module should look like this:

tabs album

Now we will create a module with the DJ-Mediatools album. Go to Extensions-> Modules-> New

new module djmt

Choose DJ-MediaTools Album

djmediatools single album

Enter title, select album (previously created), position: very important! Enter here the position that you also entered when creating the item DJ-Tabs. For me it is called "tabs-mediatools-album1. Click save and close.

djmediatools module config

Our module now looks like this:

module frontpage

To add more tabs, proceed in a similar way: add item DJ-Tabs, set in it a unique position, then create the album MediaTools and the module DJ-MediaTools - exactly as it was described in the previous paragraphs.

See the example below:

module two frontpage