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How to check your order at (2checkout)
How to check your order at (2checkout) 4.3 out of 5 based on 6 votes.

Our systems automatically assign subscriptions after 2checkout sends us confirmation about that payment.
However if after payment your subscription was not assigned within 5-10 minutes* you can easily check your purchase/status at when paying with 2checkout (so if you think the activation of your subscription takes too long you can check if it was processed sucessfully)

All you need is:

  1. Your 2CO Order Number/PayPal Invoice ID
  2. Your email address you used for the purchase

With those in hand go to and:

  1. enter your 2CO Order Number/PayPal Invoice ID
  2. and email address
  3. click „Find my order"


On the next screen you’ll see your order/purchase details.

*in extreme situations 2checkout needs up to 24hours to verify the payment - but this is really rare.

note: if it was refunded and not processed, you can try do the payment again or let us know using contact form so we can arrange different payment method - sometimes 2checkout blocks payments from particular regions or credit cards.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015 08:32
User Rating:  (6)

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