Why I cannot download the files after my subscription expired?5.0 out of 5 based on 1 votes.

As stated in section V. SUBSCRIPTION in Terms of use, the download is possible only during the subscription period.

These are some of the reasons we allow for downloads only during the subscription period (and don't allow to download older versions of extensions after subscription expired):

  • We believe that you don't want to use older versions that are worse than current ones,
  • it's always better to have latest version of the software security-wise. Older versions of extensions could be vulnerable and expose your website or server for hackers - we cannot allow for that keeping in mind your security.
  • the extensions are constantly being developed same as Joomla! CMS itself, the only way to keep them working together is keeping both Joomla! and extensions up to date as every new update of the DJ-Extensions' extension brings fixes, so providing the obsolete versions of the extensions could lead to bad experience. We fix and release newer versions every time bugs are found.
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