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Joomla extensions

Below we present the list of the Joomla components, modules and plugins that we offer. Click here to jump to the list of free Joomla extensions. All of the extensions we provide come with our well-known support from the developers of the extensions. We support latest versions of Joomla for each of the extensions. Find the best Joomla tool for your work!


Premium Joomla Extensions

Joomla classified ads extension


Easy to use (and very powerful) Joomla extension for creating classified ads, auctions and more.

Joomla Store and directory extension


Simple and powerful directory/catalog Joomla extension. Now also Online Store!

Joomla slideshow extension


Joomla extension for galleries, slideshows, sliders. Place them anywhere in your Joomla!

Joomla mega menu extension


A wide range of possibilities to set up the menu you need.

Joomla private messages extension

DJ-Messages  New

Easy to setup Joomla private messaging system that integrates with DJ-Classifieds out of the box.

Joomla content tabs extension


Displays content in tabs or accordion. Great for news display.

Joomla content presentation extension


Display items with thumbnails, short description + long description with an image in lightbox.

Joomla content suggestion extension


Sliding box with suggested content from the currently viewed component.

Joomla reviews and rating extension


Rate and reviews extension for various types of content

Joomla cookie policy extension


A Joomla extension meant for informing your visitors about the cookie policy.

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Free Joomla Extensions

free Joomla password reset extension


Free, easy solution to force your current and new users to change their password.

free Joomla slider extension


DJ-ImageSlider is a free, responsive, mobile ready with touch support Joomla extension.

free Joomla sport management extension


Joomla sports extension.

free Joomla contact form module


This is a super simple, free contact form module.

Free Joomla content suggestion extension

DJ-Suggester Light

Display sliding box with suggested content from Joomla! articles.

free Joomla select menu extension


Use it to display any Joomla! menu as a select list.

Free Joomla videos extension


Lets you embed YouTube and Vimeo videos easier than ever.

free Joomla menu extension


DJ-Menu is a suckerfish menu with animated mootools effects.

free Joomla pagebreak extension

DJ VMPageBreak

Add page break functionality to Virtuemart. Tabs or accordion.

free Joomla FaceBook extension


Facebook Joomla extension used to display the Facebook news feed, reviews, and Messenger!

Free Joomla events extension


Joomla events management extension.

free Joomla mega menu extension

DJ-MegaMenu Light

Free and popular free Joomla Mega Menu extension.

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Suggest, vote and discuss new ideas for our Joomla extensions.

About us

Some info about who we are and what we do working with Joomla for over 8 years. From this page you'll learn about our community involvement too.


Joomla Extensions’ manuals and tips about
installation, options and more.

Tutorials & Faq

Find comprehensive tutorials and answers to commonly
asked questions about our Joomla extensions: 

General questions, DJ-Classifieds, DJ-Catalog2, DJ-ImageSlider, DJ-MegaMenu.

Video Tutorials

Check video tutorials and quick tours
of our Joomla extensions.


Complete and current update logs
of fixed issues and new features for our Joomla extensions


Need custom services like Joomla extensions customization, custom programming, template design or any other works related to Joomla or Wordpress?
Let us know the details of your request or check what do we offer on our Joomla Services page first.

Joomla Templates

Browse templates with extra design for our Joomla extensions. On the list you'll find templates designed to work with DJ-Classifieds, DJ-Catalog2 and other Joomla extensions we provide from different Joomla templates providers.



  • Amazing component!
    Amazing component!
    It does everything I need and more! Endless possibilities make it simply the best on the market
  • Great extension
    Great extension
    Easy to setup and the installation ran smoothly.
  • Very fine component
    Very fine component
    Very fine component with high service!
  • All excellent
    All excellent
    Excellent extension and outstanding support. I am absolutely satisfied.
  • Great extension, great support
    Great extension, great support
    Great and very flexible Functionality!

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