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Dedicated theme/styling for extensions


With this service you can order dedicated theme for the extension that will fit your current website. This can be one of DJ-Extensions’ extension or extension from any 3rd party developer.

And implement new theme for you that will make extensions look like they were designed to work with your website. All extensions that you use on your website can look and feel like they were designed for your website.
The process is simple:

01. tell us what extensions you’d like to customize to fit your website so we can take a look and estimate needed work
02. our designer will prepare the design for the extensions that will fit your current website so you can check it before we move to coding part
03. our coders will prepare the theme for the extension and install it on your website
DJ-Catalog 2 |
DJ-Catalog 2 | behrendt-werbet...
DJ-Mediatools |
DJ-Mediatools |
DJ-Mediatools | insideinferno....


Take a look at the offer below and check what you need. We can handle:

  • Designing custom theme for extensions that will fit your Joomla Template
  • Implementing new theme to your Joomla website

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