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ver. 3.5.3

23 November, 2021
  1. (+) DJ-MediaTools integration. You can now replace the standard gallery layout with any DJ-MediaTools album. It requires DJ-MediaTools component and dedicated plugin to be installed.
  2. (+) Custom fields grouping. Attributes that belong to different groups of fields can now be displayed in separate tables in the product page.
  3. (+) Advanced SEO mode option has been addded. It is experimental option, should be treated this way and it is disabled by default as it may not work properly when aliases are duplicated in your database.
  4. (+) Possibility to sort order and label groups of custom fields.
  5. (+) Query Cart questions history. Registered users may now access list of their queries.
  6. (+) Query Cart price display. Prices are now displayed in query history.
  7. (+) Individual options to sort related items.
  8. (+) New sorting methods in "DJ-Catalog2 Items" and "DJ-Catalog2 Related Items" modules.
  9. (+) Possibility to notify product owners (authors) that a query has been made regarding their products.
  10. (+) Integration with Joomla Smart Search (Indexer) component. There's a new plugin called "Finder - DJ-Catalog2".
  11. (!) Fixed 403 error on pages containing numbers in their URLs.
  12. (!) Fixed default Access Level setting when importing products and categories from CSV file.
  13. (!) Fixed Captcha display in Query form for non-logged users.
  14. (!) Temporary directory in which images and files are being uploaded to has been changed.
  15. (!) PLUpload script (multiple files upload) has been updated to its latest version.
  16. (!) Some minor bugs reported by our users has also been fixed, e.g. text trimming utility, invisible sorting options.

Notice: This will probably be the last version that supports Joomla 2.5! All future version will be combatible with Joomla 3 only.

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