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ver. 3.2.11

23 November, 2021


  • Incorrect URLs while using A-Z filters.
  • All occurences of JRequest class usage has been replaced according to new Joomla! 3 guidelines.
  • Missing icons in html custom attribute editor.
  • Incorrect default value for 'Published' field in front-end edit form.


  • RSS feeds.
  • New settings for Front-end editing:
    • Intro and Full description editor type,
    • Blacklisting file extensions,
    • Possibility to set maximum number of products that front-end user can add,
    • Possibility to choose if front-end user should see all editable products or only his products, in 'User Items' view.
  • Selecting field groups is not required anymore when creating additional attribute. Additional attributes that are not assigned to any group will be (in addition to group-related fields) displayed for every product.
  • Few additional fields (address, phone, company name, etc.) have been added to contact form. They can be disabled or made 'required' individually, in component's configuration.
  • Images and attachments will now be split between individual directories in order to avoid reaching the limit of files in single directory (it had affected some low-cost servers).
  • 'Special price' - an additional field, where you can set discounted price for a product. You can also configure the component to display only discounted price or both prices, where an old price will be stroked-out
  • 'Module class suffix' parameter in Categories Module.
  • Alternative layout for Producers Module. It is now possible to display a list where producer's name can either link to producer's page or list of producer's products.


Because of those major changes in the component, please make sure to update not only the component itself, but also all it's modules.
If you had overridden any layout, please make sure to review it and apply necessary modifications. Otherwise, 'special price' field or product's images may not be visible.


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