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ver. 3.3

23 November, 2021


  • Import (products, categories, producers). Please be careful with this option. Use 'help' button learn how to use it.
  • Export feature (in product, category, producer list at the back-end).
  • JComments integration (optional plugin).
  • Image processing has been improved and log added.
  • Support for progressive/interlaced images (jpg, png).
  • New setting for A-Z filter. Optionally you can enable checking if there are any products starting with every letter.
  • 'Required' parameter for additional attributes.
  • In items view, robots="noindex" meta tag will be added for every page where filters have been used.
  • Several new settings related to front-end editing.


  • Related items' images which haven't been visible in version 3.2.11.
  • Pathway/breadcrumbs - category URL used to doubled in some situations.
  • Filters module which sometimes used to list wrong set of attributes.
  • Canonical links - the component will now try to remove any invalid canonical URLs that were added by any other 3rd party extensions.
  • Invalid number of pagination links.



If after an installation or upgrade, you are experiencing one of following errors:

Notice: Undefined variable: i1 in ...\item\tmpl\extrafields_legacy.php on line 151


Unknown column 'required' in 'where clause' SQL=...

Please do the following:

  1. Download an installation package (All-In-One) from our Downloads page and install it over existing installation.
  2. Open your phpMyAdmin panel and check if there is required column in djc2_items_extra_fields table. If not, execute following SQL query, where PREFIX_ is your table prefix.

ALTER TABLE `PREFIX_djc2_items_extra_fields` ADD `required` SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';

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