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ver. 3.4.1

23 November, 2021

DJ-Catalog2 component


  • Query Cart feature - users may add multiple products to Query Cart and use form to ask questions regarding selected products. It works great with newly added User Profile plugin for DJ-Catalog2 and new Cart module.
  • Multiple Upload feature - in both front end back-end it is now possible to batch upload multiple images and attachments. It is also possible to disable this feature and use old-fashioned uploader.
  • New core product attributes - it is now possible to display Author's name, Date of creation/publishing and the number of how many times product has been displayed.
  • Separate column option for extra fields - you can choose which extra attribute should be displayed in separate column in Table layout.
  • Sortable option for extra fields - it is now possible to sort products by specific additional attributes.
  • Komento integration - the component supports now Komento comments component.
  • jLexReview integration - there is a new plug-in (DJ-Catalog2 - jLexReview) which integrates the component with famous reviews extension.
  • Publish up/down attributes added. You can can specify dates within which the product will be published.
  • Custom field plugin - there's another new plug-in (DJ-Catalog2 - Custom field) which enables you to "inject" extra fields into product description.
  • Price filter - simple "from-to" filter in List of products view.
  • List of producers view - new type of view which allows to list all producers.
  • Additional global setting which allows to decide whether categories should be ordered by "ordering" value (default) or name.
  • Possibility to make first/last name hidden or optional in User - DJ-Catalog2 plugin.
  • "Available/Unavailable" toolbar buttons for batch processing products in the back-end.


  • SEF URLs which used to be generated improperly (only on few servers) by A-Z filter or by "sorting" links.
  • Invalid URL routing when DJ-Catalog2 product list were set as home page.
  • Invalid SQL queries in single product view which resulted in not displaying whole page when default list's order was "by price".
  • Incorrect behaviour of HTML extra attribute on Joomla! 3.x.
  • Modal images (PicBox/Slimbox) now use different trigger (rel attribute) in order not to interfere with other lightboxes that may be present on the website. If you haven't made any layout overrides this doesn't concern you.
  • "Root Category" always selected in Filters Module.


  • Email addresses supplied in "Recipients list" are now hidden for all recipients when user submits his question. In other words "BCC" field is used instead of "TO" when an email is being sent.
  • Modal images (PicBox/Slimbox) are now available for mobile devices.
  • Intro description in Single Product page - you may now display short description before full description.
  • Plenty of performance tweaks regarding SQL queries.


Categories Module


  • Counter - displays number of products in each category.

Items Module


  • Possibility to order products by date (latest/oldest) or the number of visits (hits).
  • "Link title" and "Link image" parameters.


Filters Module


  • Products were counted twice when they belong to more than one category.


Frontpage Module


  • Possibility to toggle product's price and title.
  • Possibility to change main image's on-click behaviour.
  • Possibility to order products by date or the number of visits.


Producers Module


  • Invalid producer URLs in "list" layout.



  • Plugin: DJ-Catalog2 - Custom field;
  • Plugin: Users - DJ-Catalog2;
  • Plugin: DJ-Catalog2 - jLexReview;
  • Module: DJ-Catalog2 - Cart.
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