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ver. 3.7.3

23 November, 2021
  • (+) Product types: a product can now be tangible, virtual or a time-limited subscription, hence there has been added support for subscriptions and downloadable products
  • (+) Address book - a customer may now store multiple delivery addresses
  • (+) WCAG improvements
  • (+) "Follow category" option in Categories module
  • (+) Product weight and dimensions added - including product combinations
  • (+) Added individual pictures for product combinations
  • (+) Delivery methods dependent on weight
  • (+) New batch processing options: setting prices, special prices, weight, dimensions
  • (+) Added coupon generator
  • (+) Added the possibility to hide coupons feature on cart page.
  • (+) Added the possibility to repeat previous orders from Orders history page
  • (+) New parameter in search configuration: Text search type [any/all/exact] controls the way how text search option works in the component
  • (!) Fixed issues with default access to attachments when importing them
  • (!) Fixed SQL bug in installation script
  • (!) Minor bug fixes Ajax Filters App
  • (!) UI fixes related to searching by country and state
  • (!) Hiding empty columns when displaying attributes next to child products (variants)
  • (!) Fixed incorrect behaviour of mailing script in "Ask about this product" form.
  • (!) Security fix applied - thanks goes to Emil - senior backend developer at Empressia
  • (!) Fixed "out of stock" information when dealing with product combinations

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