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ver. 2.0.2

23 November, 2021

package ver. 2.0.2

  • fixed issues with disabled maps in classified when the ask a question form was disabled
  • in ads view on frontpage expiration date is now taken from database server, before it was taken from file server 
  • possibility to not to use the 'location' feature and allow users to just put the correct address and it will appear on the map
  • possibility to show/hide user details in the ad 
  • added star to required fields in ad submission form
  • now after the category is filtered it takes the browser to the category selection (alias added) 
  • added parameter that allows to sort the categories vertical or horizontal way
  • added parameter that allows to use 'get directions' option for google maps
  • added 'add to favourites' option - users can now store their favorite ads 
  • added xmap sitemap plugin
  • added possibility to add your own custom icon for maps
  • added 'follow category' option for Items module
  • fix for the default publish period in backend parameters
  • fixed script error that appeared when unregistered user added the ad
  • search updated to work well with numbers 
  • fixed issues with unregistered users and paid ads using Przelewy24 and PayU - now unregistered user needs to provide their email address
  • fixed language problem with Paypal payments
  • added default zoom for google maps in ads - setting in component parameter 
  • added option to disable the title in Items Module
  • added User Menu module with add the ad, user's ads, favourite ads items
  • added 'New' indication for new adverts - in parameters you can now set for how long the new adevert is marked as "New"
© DJ-Extensions.com. All rights reserved.