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ver. 2.1.3

23 November, 2021

package ver. 2.1.3

component ver. 2.1.3

  • module positions in component now with category and ad ID 
  • custom fields have now their own classess
  • Items module - you can now choose what promotion ads should be displayed
  • favorites icon changed to be more visible
  • fixed - checking if category ID is from DJ-Classifieds in Items and Search modules
  • fixed - adding the ads with ' in category or region
  • fixed - files include in regions
  • added - sorting by promotion in backend
  • fixed - possible jquery conflict on ads details
  • captcha box hidden when ask for more details on ads details page
  • fixed - error when in column view in Items module there was less ads than chosen in the module
  • fixed - problem with not opening subcategories and sublocations in search/filter module on certain servers
  • fixed - ad addition form - falling right column on certain templates
  • Xmap plugin - fixed issue with relative links



© DJ-Extensions.com. All rights reserved.