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ver. 3.0.0 stable

23 November, 2021
DJ-Classifieds AIO package 3.0.0 Stable

1. + Joomla 3.x support
2. + Points packages, paying for posting adverts and promotions with points, restricting availablity of point packages for defined users groups
3. ! fixed issue with adverts, assigned to unpublished category, in items module.
4. ! fixed issue with adverts, assigned tu unpublished region, in map module
5. ! fixed issue with captcha in contact form
6. + ZIP code used in generating coordinates
7. ! fixed issue with polish diacritics in payment plugin
8. ! fixed issue with unclosed tags in category description
9. ! fixed issue with link to edit advert in advert details
10. ! fixed issue with RSS and on URL suffi enabled
11. ! fixed issue with double displaying modules in position ‘djcf-top’ while nothing was published in ‘djcf-top-cat’ position
12. + ability to choose layout source in items module 13. ! fixed issue with last character wrong encoding in tooltip
14. ! fixed issue with <br /> in “contact”
15. + added support for utf-8 in advert title in Paypal plugin
16. + Administrator sorting got also option to sort by username
17. + New module position in Items View - djcf-top-items-catXXX
18. ! fixed issue with wrong quote in plugin
19. + Added feature to check images for viruses during upload
20. + Mac URL support, in notifications link goes with forced ‘http://’ prefix
21. ! Repaired support for allowed latin chars in aliases
22. ! category alias regenerate
23. + items table/blog falang support for category and region name
24. + Regions - improved function that generates the regions tree - tested with 10.000 records
25. + Categories - improved function that generates the categories tree - tested with 10.000 records
26. (!)ReCaptcha issue solved
27. (+)Og:deescription support
28. (!)Problem with removing images after deleting adverts on front fixed
29. (+)Adverts link in ask seller email
30. (+)Strip html tags in intro description (blog and table views)
31. (+)Hide empty categories in search module
32. (+)Changing ordering of categories in search module
33. (!)Images gallery support for Joomla! 3.x
34. (+)RSS support for Joomla! 3.x
35. (!)Problem with aliases in pagination links
36. (!)Payment plugins, 'Buy Now' button as link with translated label
37. (!)Timestamp Year 2038 problem ( , when you set in parameter 'Expiration days' value more then ~8900 then Year 2038 problem will cause. In this situation expiration date was reduced to 1970-01-01 1:00:00, now it will be set to maximum 2038-01-19 00:00:00
38. (+)Possibility to select source for meta-description when it is missing in advert
39. (+)items module - when advert doesn't have any image - possibility to show category icon instead of default
40. (+)Themes support
41. (+)Responsive layout added
42. (!)Fixed minor issues with price formating
43. (!)Problem with email recipients in notification emails
44. (+)Rebuilt User Adverts view, its cleaner and responsible
45. (+)Adverts view - links to payment if previous payment was not processed
46. (+)New module positions added - display modules only in free ads (this way you can display for example google adverts in free ads, while paid ads will remain ads-free)
47. (!)Clearing tags in category description on administrator
48. (!)Linked category icons under adverts list
49. (+)Sorting via username at administrators adverts list
50. (!)SSL support for Captcha
51. (!)Item view, problem with missing <div> when ask form is disabled
52. (+)Disqus comments
53. (!)Mootools support in search module
54. (!)Beta license problem solved
55. (!)Slimbox support for Joomla! 3.x
56. (!)Repaired options link in cpanel
57. (!)Options save problem repaired
58. (!)Repaired problem with hidden favourite list
59. (!)Search module mootools problem fixed
60. (!)Custom fields saving problem
61. (!)Emails sitename problem
62. (+)Hiding empty cusotom fields
63. (+)New parameter added that allows to display category list above the items only on homepage
64. (!)Repaired issues with price and contact fields used as custom fields
65. (!)Problem with points payments, when paid options does not have poits set
66. (+) possibility of seting width of gellery in advert details
67. (!) Resolved problem with broken table when someone adds intro description without spaces
68. (!) Problem with search module, when theres no categories added
69. (+) Resolved probem with buttons on payments plugins list
70. (+) search with time limit (past 24 hours, past 3 days, past week, past month)
71. (+) <regin_name> new tag available in SEO title for advert
72. (+) new module positions in advert view for free adverts
73. (+) Chose type of map for advert details and map module
74. (+) Advert details view divided into blocks inserted into separated files
75. (+) Module user poins with links to user points history, points packages and info about actually owned points
76. (+) Possibility of creating and editing Meta descriptiona and keywords for users on front end
77. (!) Xmap plugin, links with domain
78. (+) 'Pay' option on Users items, then user can pay for advert if he ealier didn't do it

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