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ver. 3.0.0 BETA2

23 November, 2021
DJ-Classifieds AIO package 3.0.0 BETA2 
1. (!)Repaired issue with searching min-max values in prices
2. (!)Clearing tags in category description on administrator
3. (!)Linked category icons under adverts list
4. (+)Sorting via username at administrators adverts list
5. (!)SSL support for Captcha
6. (!)Item view, problem with missing <div> when ask form is disabled
7. (+)Disqus comments
8. (!)Mootools support in search module
9. (!)Beta license problem solved
10. (!)Slimbox support for Joomla! 3.x
11. (!)Repaired options link in cpanel
12. (!)Options save problem repaired
13. (!)Repaired problem with hidden favourite list
14. (!)Search module mootools problem fixed
15. (!)Custom fields saving problem
16. (!)Emails sitename problem
17. (+)Hiding empty cusotom fields
18. (+)New parameter added that allows to display category list above the items only on homepage
19. (!)Repaired issues with price and contact fields used as custom fields
20. (!)Problem with points payments, when paid options does not have poits set
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