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ver. 3.4.3

23 November, 2021
  1. (!) Resolved problem with vertical sorting of categories under adverts
  2. (+) [SP] Auto select subscription plan before advert limit check.
  3. (!) Repaired DJ-Classsifieds Items module is slider layout, when there is no adverts
  4. (+) New parameter "Follow Author" in DJ-Classsifieds Items module, on advert details page module will display only Author adverts.
  5. (!) Problem with admin edition of contact when used as a custom field.
  6. (!) Categories sorting in New Advert page changed to backend ordering instead of name.
  7. (!) Resolved problem with default sort values for Smart table.
  8. (+) Profile edition button in users profile view
  9. (!) Missing notification about expiration on renewed adverts
  10. (!) Resolved Notices in few places like new advert view, payments , checkout.
  11. (!) Problem with information about available updates
  12. (+) Notification about missing images in advert form
  13. (!) New parameter to disable email notifications about status change
  14. (+) [BuyNow] Informations added to payments also after non direct payments.
  15. (+) Added support to user tags in email send after adding new advert.
  16. (+) [Category Module] New parameter to display only subcategories for current level
  17. (!) Problem with checking checkboxes in search module
  18. (!) Problem with checking radiobuttons in search module when value contains '+'
  19. (!) Redirection problems after sending message via ask seller
  20. (!) [SP] Auto-selecting default duration when none is set in Subscription Plan
  21. (!) Preview of advert restricted only for logged users
  22. (++) Image rotation
  23. (!) PayU [PL] resolved problem with names containing non-latin characters.
  24. (!) Strict standards in abuse reports notifications
  25. (+) Support for Google Maps API Key
  26. (!) Wrong value returned in current week statistic from DJ-Classifieds Statistic module
  27. (!) Resolved problem with saving custom fields while using Multicategories APP

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