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ver. 3.6.0

23 November, 2021

New features:

  • The specific error code is now returned in system message when Google Geocoder can't start.
  • Updated polish language pack thanks to Wojciech Klocek.
  • Added option to translate payments methods in administrator list, for example, djcfBankTransfer=>Offline Payment using language overrides.
  • Changed images URLs to relative ones to fix issues with SSL and double slashes.
  • Emails tags are now being displayed only under e-mail templates where they can be used. [tutorial] +
  • Promotion durations - now it's possible to have different durations for promotions. Earlier they had to last as long as the duration of the advert.
  • The parameter to disable anonymous statistics.
  • Recently viewed adverts option added to Items module.
  • Customizable date format in custom fields.
  • Let users send files privately to website administrator from the profile edition panel. [Attachments App] [tutorial]
  • New trigger onAfterPrepareProcessPayment in payments library. [for developers]
  • New trigger onItemEditFormPromotions. [for developers]
  • New triggers for profile edition: onProfileEditFormSections(), onAfterDJClassifiedsSaveProfile(), onAdminProfileEditTabTitle(), onAdminProfileEditTabContent(), onAfterAdminDJClassifiedsSaveProfile(). [for developers]
  • Dates functionality was improved so it now uses Joomla's website default language.
  • System will now recognize email addresses and will add mailto: tag to href when email is detected in custom fields.
  • Custom Google Map styles.
  • Changed in administrator calendar icons source to DJ-Classifieds path
  • Possibility to select default value for contact, video address basing on profile fields http://screencast.com/t/lbuyUMUVL
  • Added 'og:image:width' and 'og:image:height' tags to advert details page to better support Facebook sharing.
  • Possibility to disable Scrollwheel zooming on the map during advert creation and in adverts details
  • Drag and drop on map in administrator,this allows to set coordinates by moving marker on maphttps://www.screencast.com/t/orb4freVLRv
  • Added in email templates titles support for tags.


  • The issue with profiles edition that didn't allow to select the checkbox and click button Edit when editing User Profiles was fixed.
  • There was a minor issue with the smart table styling, little CSS was changed to fix it.
  • DJ-Classifieds CSS code was disabled when using Invoice Manager as in some cases it produced bugs with styling.
  • Mootools inclusion in router libraries issue was fixed.
  • In Subscription Plans App there was an issue when not using different durations and only using the default duration there were issues when submitting an advert. [Subscription Plans App]
  • The errors after sending some of the emails from the system are not there anymore.
  • Resolved problems with category and publication filter in administrator adverts list.
  • Added missing labels on Maps module.
  • The function for "follow search" support in maps module was updated to handle all extra fields.
  • In admin panel, the calendar icons source was changed to DJ-Classifieds path.
  • JHTML::_('behavior.modal'); was deleted from category and regions which include Mootools into the router as that caused problems starting from Joomla 3.6.4 on some installations.
  • Resolved problem with"folder list" field in Windows servers - that fixes problems with themes.
  • Disabled loading styles from more than one themes in advert list and advert details view as it caused styling issues on some installations.
  • Status filter on adverts view in administrator panel was moved to a more natural position on the list.
  • The issues with checkboxes in Search module on the search results page were fixed.
  • Resolved problem with sorting via ID on Emails templates list - earlier you could not sort via ID.
  • "Update Using Address" button in advert submission form does not show up when Address field is disabled in DJ-Classifieds options.
  • Sometimes In Multi Categories App there were issues with loading custom fields - now fixed.
  • Sensor variable was removed from Google Maps scripts as it's not needed anymore.
  • Empty search phrase in search results that was visible sometimes was fixed.
  • The problem with missing system message after using "Ask Seller" form.
  • Sometimes there were issues when searching by geolocation on the subpage. Now it works website-wide.
  • Set correct labels for contact in Sales history view.
  • JSite::getMenu function updated to Joomla 3.6
  • Problems with saving groups restrictions in Subscription Plans.
  • Problems with saving groups restrictions in Points Packages
  • Redirection to plans list when user provided wrong plan id.
  • Resolved wrong calculation of extra images and extra chars in description during renewalprocess .
  • Resolved problem with tags [[user_name]] and [[user_username]] when message send to advert added by guest
  • Better dates check for "Pause time between messages" in Ask seller form

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