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ver. 3.7

23 November, 2021

The gray features were introduced in Beta version.

Learn more about this update in the blog post: DJ-Classifieds 3.7 is here!

  1. (+)Regions/locations modification
  2. (!) Auction date based on server time, not the database.
  3. (+) Allow users in advert creation view to select position on map without showing latitude and longitude
  4. (+) Contact custom fields hidden when "Contact only for registered" parameter enabled
  5. (+) Link to all user adverts in administrator profile list
  6. (+) Link to all user points in administrator profile list
  7. (+) Modification date in advert
  8. (!) Changed default "Social buttons code" to https links.
  9. (!) Resolved problem with & in addresses
  10. (!) Resolved problem with searching for coupons list
  11. (+) Coupon discount info on payments list
  12. (+) Displaying address and post code in the location field in search alerts list.
  13. (+) Possibility to enable captcha only for guests during advert creation
  14. (!) Resolved problem with non-latin custom fields values in Search Alerts
  15. (!) Added missing separator for price and points in category selector during advert creation.
  16. (+) Better support for big number of adverts pagination in administrator.
  17. (!) Updated Resmush.it optimization function.
  18. (+) List of available currencies in PayPal plugin.
  19. (+) Google Maps Places hints in address field during advert creation process.
  20. (!) Resolved problem with displaying only one marker on map when all adverts have the same address.
  21. (+) Auto-delete of coma in price field during advert creation when only numbers available
  22. (+) Email notification for user after assigning new points in administrator
  23. (!) Resolved problem with Cross Site Scripting (XSS) on search results view.
  24. (+) Email notification for Administrator after advert renewing.
  25. (+) Checking if JoomSocial or EasySocial is enabled when suitable integration is selected.
  26. (!) Added support for unlimited duration during advert renewing process.
  27. (+) New plugin trigger "onPrepareDJClassifiedsListingQueryWhere" for adverts lists database queries
  28. (!) Resolved problem with missing Itemid on direct payments.
  29. (!) Correct displaying of categories path in DJ-Classifieds Menu module when parent category was selected.
  30. (+) Metatag "robots" support in advert details.
  31. (+) Metatag "robots" support in adverts list.
  32. (+) Possibility to edit Guest email during edition by administrator
  33. (++) New horizontal layout of Search module
  34. (+) New clean and responsive styles for images and attachments uploader
  35. (+) Redirection to 404 error when category or adverts is not available
  36. (+) Distance field in blog view
  37. (!) Resolved problem with empty date custom field in user profile
  38. (!) Resolved problem with empty message in search module when geolocalization is not available.
  39. (+) Added in email status Archived when Administrator is noticed
  40. (!) Resolved problem with categories select error when selectors are disabled.
  41. (+) Correct displaying in adverts list and module custom field with type "Date from-to"
  42. .(+) Telephone tag support in profile custom fields displayed in advert details.
  43. (+) OG:im age tags added for User profile page.
  44. (+) Possibility to use single select for categories in DJ-Classifieds Search module
  45. (+) Possibility to use single select for region in DJ-Classifieds Search module
  46. (!) Resolved problem with PayU payments plugin on PHP 7.0
  47. (!) Resolved problem with timezones in Ask Seller form.
  48. (!) Resolved problem with types when disabled in global configuration and used in Subscription Plans.
  49. (!) Resolved problem with multiple emails send after BankTransfer payment.
  50. (!) Added "Starting price" support in administrator edition.
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