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ver. 3.7.4 stable

23 November, 2021

Added features:

  • (+) Blocking save button during advert creation , to prevent multiple store of new adverts.
  • (+) Possibility to hide page title on categories tree basing on "Show Page Heading" menu parameter
  • (+) Module DJ-CLassifieds CategoriesTree possibility to select layout
  • (+) Categories ordering parameter in DJ-Classifieds Category Tree module
  • (+) Added extra check for images requirement when adding adverts.
  • (+) Support in advert details for microdata tags from Schema.org
  • (+) New parameter "Map img on start" allows to show blank image instead of map when advert is loaded. Map is shown after slicking on "Show Map" button.
  • (+) Updated confirmation method of PayPal payment.
  • (+) Added support to "date from-to" custom field in ask seller form.
  • (+) Respecting post code in address geolocalization used in new advert creation form.
  • (+) Including subcategories in selected category parameter of DJ-Classifieds Maps module.
  • (+) Disabled restriction that at least one duration have to be assigned to all categories.
  • (+) Possibility to clear user profile
  • (+) Possibility to limit number how many adverts can be posted for last 5 minutest, last hour and last day.
  • (+) New tag [[purchase_details]] available in "Buynow - buyer notification email" [ID34]
  • (+) Remember selected duration after category change in advert creation form
  • (+) Contact form in user Profile
  • (+) Possibility to select Adverts types in DJ-Classifieds Maps module
  • (+) Possibility to assign selected from category custom fields to all subcategories.
  • (+) New parameter in DJ-Classifieds search module which allows to specify source of input hints (adverts, regions, categories)
  • (+) Possibility to use other then TinyMCE editor for description.
  • (+) Export user profile with all details to XML file
  • (+) Export adverts to XML file
  • (+) Automatic link generation for WhatsApp field


  • (!) Resolved problem with missing days when buying some promotion again.
  • (!) Added noopener noreferrer to website link
  • (!) Resolved problem with calculation for characters.
  • (!) Resolved problem with Bootstrap styling problem on labels elements
  • (!) Resolved problem with auctions counter
  • (!) Resolved problem with date format when wrong date is provided
  • (!) Resolved problem with auction countdown on Safari browser
  • (!) Resolved problems with notices on profiles search results.
  • (!) Function cURL used for payment verification in DJ-CLassifieds PayPal plugin
  • (!) Resolved problem with notifications in helper from DJ-Classifieds Items module
  • (!) Resolved problem with Deprecated notification about function for article links generator.
  • (!) Resolved problem with currency show always on right side of price field, when price using as a custom field
  • (!) Resolved problem with missinf DS declaration in DJClassifiedsSEO library
  • (!) Resolved problem with "Drive Directions" in advert details.
  • (!) Resolved problem with fields types inputbox, textarea, date displayed as a label translation.
  • (!) Replaced all single apostrophes and QQ signs from language files.
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