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23 November, 2021

Package/component version: 2.3.2

! advert edit - fixed additional fields loading (UTF8-support)
+ new module position below category tree (djcf-cattree-top)
! "contact advertiser" functionality - better email handling - reply to function
+ empty selector name added to language files
+ category description in adverts view added
+ allow to use plugins in description
+ better tooltip, now takes less place
+ search module now has option to search for adverts with videos and images
+ enhanced maps module - marker clustering option added
+ geocode coordinates can be now provided in frontend and backend (for places that are not easily found by google maps)
! edited category/region cannot be assigned to itself
+ submission date can be enabled/disabled in advert details
+ option to use different markers for different categories on google maps
+ image size limit - added options: 100kb, 200kb, 300kb and 400kb
+ added option to hide images column in table view
+ set with and amount of posts in Facebook comments
+ new module position - djcf-items-table in half of the table added
+ different messages depending if ad was edited or added
+ admin cpanel icon added
+ if you want to delete the category system now checks if there are no adverts inside
! fixed ordering issue in extra fields management
! checkbox field - fixed option to require at least one check during submission
+ new date format available (for example: 3 months and 2 weeks ago, etc)
+ module position above adverts list that includes the category ID - works as well with search results now
! fixed validation under IE for contact advertiser
! fixed "terms and conditions" acceptance under IE
! fixed problems with region reset in administrator panel
+ if advert does not have any meta description or keywords then those are taken from active menu
+ if uploaded image is not supported - proper message is now displayed
+ Cron support for mail sending -> http://www.yourwebsite.com/index.php?option=com_djclassifieds&task=cronNotifications
! if no email address is entered in component's parameters it will be sent to administrator
+ search module now has option to choose if you want the "reset" link to appear as a regular link or a button(same styling as search button)
+ restrict contact details to be visible only for registered and logged in users
+ in 'date' field you can now enter "current_date" value - then there will appear today date
+ "contact this advertiser" and "report abuse" buttons can now slide below the images (in case you used captcha it could not fit sometimes on the right)
+ email sent to advertiser after adding new advert
+ once offline payment is chosen advertiser gets email with bank details
+ support for pagebreak in advert (administrator side)
+ added option to provide different youtube link variants www.youtube.com/embed/xxxxxxxx http://youtu.be/dsdsdsdsdssd are now available too
! fixed renewal process when adverts were added from backend
+ added option to enable/disable mouse scroll on maps module
+ added option to enable/disable on map navigation
+ items module - choose type
+ new options layout in control panel
! in admin panel when the promotions where unpublished they showed up but could not be checked
! fixed display of number of user ads
! buttons in items view cosmetic design fix
! missing translations added to language files (COM_DJCLASSIFIEDS_ITEMS_DELETED)
! fixed issue with additional date field
! search fix - checkbox field and search by checkbox - now it works as "or" instead of "and"
+ additional styles for captcha
+ HTML code in category description
! maps module issues when no locations were added - fixed
! fixed problem with category saving when no group was choosen
+ additional parameter to set if images should display in table view
! pagination minor issues fixed in search results
! fixed issues with youtube videos (with '-' in link)
! Post code displayed even if hidden in backend
+ facebook comments - language detection added
! fixed "params" options in custom fields
+ in admin panel - when the expiration date changed the counter resets
+ option to set if in extrafields should HTML tags be allowed and option to set which are allowed
+ Recreate images improvement - all images at once
+ price and contact as a custom fields
! fixed backend ordering and search type informations
+ ordering in promotions
+ category tree view, added css classes with level and category ID
! item's view - fixed location display when there were apostrophes in the address
! sorting of the search results improved
+ images now got ALT with adverts title (SEO)
! fixed terms and conditions display where images disabled
+ admin panel - sorting of locations by name instead of ID
+ labels in tooltip - translate option added
+ negotiable price option added
+ in price field you can only use numbers
+ metadesc and meta keywords in items (SEO)
+ alias for item title and category name
+ menu ordering now in url (SEO)
+ you can now set your own link scheme - to be set in parameters (SEO)
+ set name of the adverts/classifieds section (SEO)
+ set where to put the ID (before or after the title) (SEO)
+ set view name in options (SEO)
+ set your own separator between title and ID (SEO)
! sorting of favourites adverts
+ public and private key for captcha set in options
+ option to set no-follow attribute for WWW links (SEO)
+ option to hide category name in blog/table category view
+ option to hide items list in root category
+ HTML tags allowed in category description
! on some configurations there were problems with custom fields loading in search module - fixed
+ classfieds types added
+ search module - option to disable "follow category" option

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