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ver. 1.6.0

23 November, 2021
  • (+) Added autocomplete attributes for 'name' and 'email' fields
  • (+) Added option to show labels for form fields
  • (+) Added option to show info about required fields next to each field or one information at the top of the module
  • (+) Added better separation between fields sections in the module options
  • (+) Added option to enable disable name and message field
  • (+) Added option to disable the requirement for fields: name, email and message
  • (+) Added subject to an email message for the admin
  • (+) Added option to disable more details in the email message: browser type, browser version, full agent string
  • (+) Added AJAX technology to send e-mails
  • (!) Changed labels for some module options for a better explanation
  • (!) Changed title for the modal window (Style 5) from language text to a module title
  • (!) Changed confirmation message from browser alert to nice message above the form
  • (!) Fixed the problem with sending messages when Joomla cache was enabled

Module layouts:

  • modules/mod_dj_easy_contact/tmpl/default.php
  • modules/mod_dj_easy_contact/tmpl/fields.php

Learn more from the blog post: DJ-EasyContact 1.6 update with a rich set of improvements

Release date: 27.01.2021

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