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ver. 2.0.0

23 November, 2021

DJ-MediaTools 2.0.0

New features:

  • simple album creation - changes in custom items album editing form make the creation of new album fast and easy
    • multiple images upload (also new "Upload settings" tab was added for this feature)
    • drag&drop thumbnails to order items
    • quick titles changing for each item
    • remove item from album with one click
    • album cover image is set (if empty) to first custom item image
  • grid gallery layout improvements
    • responsive ready
    • css3 animations in modern browsers
    • all options of image effect are applied to image loading
    • touch screen friendly
  • album creation in article form - now you are able to create new album while you're editing article using DJ-MediaTools editor button
    • create album in modal window - you can create new album in the same modal window where the DJ-MediaTools editor button opens list of album to choose
    • visual cover of the album is inserted into article text instead of plugin code
  • album creation directly from module and menu item editing form


Other improvements:

  • fixed unwritable video field in custom item
  • fixed mootools more loading with slider layout
  • missing strings in other languages are replaced with English
  • customise options collected in one tab
  • fixed nivoslider dimensions when error reporting is enabled (requires purging css cache)
  • replaced open in modal with open in new browser tab for IE < 9 (joomla modal workaround)
  • fixed 404 error when expired/trashed article is linked to the custom item
  • optimized open in modal script declaration
  • fixed some validation bugs
  • minor bug fixes


Notice: upgrading from earlier version it's required to update component, module, content plugin and editor button, because of related changes in all of them.
If you had overridden any module layout, please make sure to review it and apply necessary modifications. Otherwise video and items open in modal window may not work correctly.

© DJ-Extensions.com. All rights reserved.