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ver. 1.3

23 November, 2021

+ K2 support.

+ 'First Image from Article's Content' new parameter

+ 'Articles from last X days' new parameter

+ second 'Date format' parameter

+ 'Tabs Trigger' new parameter

+ 'Transition Speed' new parameter

+ 'Scroll To Accordion Item' new parameter

+ refreshed Control Panel component view's layout

+ displaying content in Articles added by {loadposition} and {loadmodule} tags

+ WCAG: navigating through DJ-Tabs via keyboard (tab & arrow keys)

! fixed loading global component parameters in module parameters

! fixed displaying months' names in dates on multilingual sites

! fixed time zone bug causing not displaying published articles in some cases

! fixed content plugin's bug causing not loading all parameters correctly when tabs displayed in an article

! fixed bug causing showing trashed articles

! fixed bug causing crashing Themes view on some servers

! fixed bug with empty heading in a component view

! fixed 'Strict Standards' J!3.x notices

! fixed bug causing errors after unpublishing already assigned Single Article

! modified icons.css resolving IcoMoon conflicts in some cases

+ 'IE11/Win10 Video Fix' new module parameter

+ refactored views structure to ease global template changes (component/module template files separated into common file partials)

! other minor improvements/fixes

© DJ-Extensions.com. All rights reserved.