ver 3.1.2
ver 3.1.2

1. (!) Repaired issue with "Posiblity to disable adding adverts to selected category"
2. (!) <meta name="robots" content="NOINDEX, FOLLOW" /> in user adverts page.
3. (+) Bank Transfer plugin - payment ID in notifications email.
4. (+) Module items - parameter 'Show adverts only with images'
5. (!) Changed concat function in serach. On some servers serach returns always null.
6. (!) Repaired issue with tooltip on user items when advert doesn't have images
7. (!) ReCaptcha 'Could not open socket' problem
8. (+) Choose to insert space betweend price and unit
9. (!) RSS feed ordering problem solved (ordering always by 'creating date' not including promotions)
10. (!) Repaired issue with search by name on some servers
11. (!) Module Maps error handled when post code can't be found.
12. (!) Better SSL support
13. (+) JComments plugin
14. (!) Adverts order in RSS set to create date without including promotions
15. (+) Category tree - posibility to insert category icons
16. (+) Category tree - posibility to display last level as horizontal flat list
17. (!) MediaTools parameters conflict solved
18. (!) Images gallery <div> problem solved
19. (!) Search module: deleted static width and height on custom fields
20. (+) Search modul : posibility of use several modules on website
21. (+) Category object added in item view.
22. (!) Search module: posibility to choose layout vertical/horizontal
23. (+) Bootstrap classes in search and menu
24. (!) Module items: Module suffix problem solved
25. (!) Added language support for Active column in Useritems view  
26. (!) Joomsocial plugin administrator parameters problem
27. (!) Possibility to hide address field
28. (!) Hide 'option=com_djclassifieds&view=items...' in search address when SEF is enabled
29. (!) Solved problem with '-' inserted in view name set in SEF parameters
30. (!) SEF urls after returning from payment
31. (!) when selected 'free' in Durations , then in price and points is set 0 and they are blocked
32. (+) Posibility to order by name adverts in Adverts module
33. (!) Solved problem with empty '<div>' in dynamically inserted items when adding advert
34. (+) Link as custom field type.
35. (!) Hidden 'default values' in edition Custom fields when it's not needed

Tuesday, 29 October 2013 12:38

For a long time we have been using an other extention for our site. Classified i a big part of the services we provide to our users, and its important that we have a system that we can rely on....

Brilliant Classified system