• Amazing component!
    [ DJ-ImageSlider ]
    Amazing component!
    It does everything I need and more! Endless possibilities make it simply the best on the market
    [ Grzegorz, reviews from JED ]
  • Great extension
    [ DJ-Catalog2 ]
    Great extension
    Easy to setup and the installation ran smoothly.
    [ Marek, reviews from JED ]
  • Professional Component
    [ DJ-Classifieds ]
    Professional Component
    Works great with many useful features. It is suitable to build a professional classifieds website.
    [ Richard , reviews from JED ]
  • Excellent product and service!
    [ DJ-Suggester ]
    Excellent product and service!
    This product is great in any ways and the support is fast, accurate and excellent!
    [ Thomas Granerød , reviews from JED ]
  • Very easy to use plugin
    [ DJ-CookieMonster ]
    Very easy to use plugin
    2 panels, a pop-up window on the center of the screen or below. Several design themes, the possibility of the module insertion.
    [ Alex, reviews from JED ]
  • Ease of use
    [ DJ-MediaTools ]
    Ease of use
    This is a super nice extension where you have many options.
    [ Robert Kristensen, reviews from JED ]
  • Really Excellent Component
    [ DJ-Tabs ]
    Really Excellent Component
    I'm using DJ-Tabs component - is easy to config and good support. Thanks for DJ-Extension team.
    [ greghewgill , reviews from JED ]
  • Great plugin and great support!
    [ DJ-MegaMenu ]
    Great plugin and great support!
    Fantastic. Best mega-menu for joomla. Even the "light" version!
    [ madmaxy, reviews from JED ]
  • Great Extension
    [ DJ-Reviews ]
    Great Extension
    Easy to use no issues - easy to used, intuitive and have had no problems.
    [ Andrew Murray,, reviews from JED ]
  • Great product
    [ DJ-Classifieds ]
    Great product
    Infinite configurations and options, with this component you can build any type of directory.
    [ Miri, reviews from JED ]