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Top rated Classified Ads Software for your website

The best classifieds software for creating online classified ad websites. Take advantage of our experience and build your own classified ads portal with a comprehensive tool for creating a personalized and functional platform.

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Create your own classifieds website

What classifieds portal suits your business? Our classified ads script comes with the most wanted types - for sale, cars, property, services, and jobs. Find the solution that fits you and your business. Discover what we can offer you:

Automotive classifieds

Launch a comprehensive automotive classifieds portal with features tailored for car listings, dealership management, and vehicle details. Our solution supports advanced search filters, image galleries, and integrated payment options, making it easy for users to buy and sell vehicles efficiently.

Job Listings

Create a dynamic job listings site that connects employers with potential candidates. Our classifieds script offers advanced search capabilities, resume uploads providing a seamless experience for both job seekers and employers.

Classified ads script

Utilize our versatile classifieds script to build a fully customizable ads portal. With user-friendly management tools, category creation, and monetization options, you can easily launch a site tailored to any niche market.

Real estate

Develop a powerful real estate portal with features like property listings, virtual tours, agent profiles, and advanced search filters. Our solution ensures an engaging and efficient platform for buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals.

Industry ads

Create specialized industry ads websites catering to specific sectors like machinery, electronics, or construction. Our platform supports detailed listings, industry-specific search options, and robust management tools to enhance user experience.

Dating portals

Build a secure and interactive dating portal with features such as user profiles, match suggestions, messaging, and privacy controls. Our solution ensures a safe and engaging environment for users to connect and find potential matches.

classifieds ads management panel

Experience the freedom to create and manage a thriving classified ads portal with minimal effort, supported by continuous updates and a responsive support team.

Launch your own classified ads script

Launching and managing your own classified ads website is a breeze with our classifieds script. Our solution provides an intuitive interface that makes website administration straightforward, even for those with minimal technical expertise. You can easily customize categories, manage user accounts, and control every aspect of your site. Monetize your site with integrated payment options, subscription plans, and ad features, while enjoying comprehensive tools for optimizing site performance and revenue generation.

Our extension is designed to streamline the entire process, offering features like:

  • User-Friendly Management: Control and customize your site with an easy-to-navigate admin panel.

  • Monetization Options: Utilize diverse payment gateways, subscription models, and ad placement options to maximize revenue.

  • Advanced Features: Benefit from robust tools for ad management, user communication, and content moderation.

Key features

Your own classifieds portal is the perfect tool for expanding your online presence. Our classified ads software provides features that facilitate attracting new customers, managing listings, and generating revenue from ad placements and promotions.

Online payments

Online payments

Multiple integrated payment gateways for charging.

Making money on the Internet


Charge for promotions, subscriptions, categories, descriptions, banners.



Create paid (including recurring payments) and free subscription plans.

Facebook login

Community Login

Additional login with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram.

Word blocking in ads

Word blocking

It is possible to create a dictionary of forbidden words in ads.

Multilingual classifieds portal

Multilingualism / Translator

It is possible to create a site in multiple languages or integrate an automatic translator.

Ads mobile app

PWA application

Ability to create a PWA mobile app.

Responsive ads

Fully responsive

A website tailored for every device

ads import

Ads import

You can import ads from any XML file.

Ads statistics


Extensive stats for administrator and users.

dollar in fire icon


It is possible to make offers with a dedicated module next to the user's profile.

filters in ads

Any filters and additional fields

Unlimited custom fields and search filters.

discount coupon code icon

Discount codes

It is possible to generate discount codes for all services offered on the site.

regions in ads

Regions / Locations

You can import a ready database of locations for the whole of Europe or define your own.

Ads map


You can choose between Google maps or OpeenStreet.

Auction portal


The portal created by us, brings the feature of online auctions

email notification

Email notifications

The user receives email notifications of expiring ads, new observed categories or authors and much more

forms security in ads

Forms security

Forms within the classifieds portal, are anti-spam protected by Google reCaptcha.