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DJ-Accessibility - accessibility widget for Joomla and Wordpress (WCAG 2.1, ADA)

DJ-Accessibility Light

New, free, accessibility plugin for any Joomla or WordPress website.

DJ-Accessibility is a toolkit for Joomla / WordPress, that makes the website easier to navigate for people with disabilities. Use its options to improve the website's user experience.

Learn more about web accessibility: https://www.w3.org/WAI/standards-guidelines/wcag/

compliance improved

Meet the free version of DJ-Accessibility, a WCAG plugin that provides a bunch of options to improve the accessibility of your Joomla or WordPress-based website. Accessibility is key for all websites, and our free plugin covers you.

Accessibility pop-up

Display a button on the page that opens a clear pop-up panel with all the settings. Use the default button design or replace it with the image of your choice.

In the PRO version, you will also find the ability to display it as a toolbar - learn more.

Smart contrast, font scaling, and many more for free

DJ-Accessibility light makes your website more accessible for all by providing options like:

  • Invert colours, Monochrome, Dark contrast, Light contrast, Low saturation, High saturation, Highlight links, Highlight headings
  • Content scaling, Font size, Line height, Letter spacing
In the PRO version you will also find such things as:
Screen Reader, Read mode.


Boost your website accessibility with many easy-to-use features and make your website user-friendly.

Smart contrast

  • Invert colors, Monochrome, Dark contrast, Light contrast, Low saturation, High saturation, Highlight links, Highlight headings

Keyboard navigation

The plugin supports the keyboard navigation so that its options can be easily accessed and enabled without using a mouse.

Mobile friendly

Responsive panel and option to set the button position for mobiles separately.

Customizable icon

Change the button design simply by uploading the image you like.

Change the typo

Easily adjust the text as you need by setting the font size, line height, and letter spacing.

Joomla & WordPress compliance

You can use this plugin on any Joomla / WordPress template or theme

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