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Payment process issues

Troubleshooting payment issues and an explanation of the Paddle checkout process.

DJ-Extensions and Paddle

Since launching a refreshed dj-extensions.com website in December 2021, we do not sell our products directly to end-users anymore. It means that our sales are performed using the authorized reseller, Paddle. We decided on that change because of the tax laws and the tax issues obligating us to collect sales tax. It was a significant setback for our company as it required dealing with tax issues on worldwide sales.  Using Paddle helps us solve this demanding problem. Paddle deals with billing and invoicing. Most importantly for us, they are also responsible for determining the sales tax, accepting the money, and invoicing the order accordingly.

How does Paddle payment work?

The company is based in the UK. It is a Merchant of the Record - you pay Paddle, and Paddle issues the invoice. All UK-based companies are charged the applicable VAT.

DJ-Extensions only takes care of processing the order, i.e., we provide software downloads and technical support. It also means that we do not assist with billing or invoicing issues.

In case you need additional information or have questions about billing or invoicing issues the easiest way is to reply to the email you received from Paddle (you got such an email when you purchased the subscription.) The email contains a receipt/invoice for the transaction. Another option is to contact Paddle by email using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Remember, if your question is about a payment you have already made, please make sure you include the invoice number. But, if you are contacting Paddle before you have made a payment, we suggest you inform them that you plan to make a payment for a DJ-Extensions.com product.

Possible Payment Issues

The entire subscription purchase process begins on our website. You add your chosen product to the cart, and you are redirected to a subscription form where you can enter/view your contact details, add a discount coupon, and accept our terms of service and privacy policy.

When you click the "Subscribe" button, a new full-screen overlay with the Paddle payment interface appears on our site. It can happen that a subscription page reloads without opening the payment overlay - make sure you check the "I accept the terms of service and privacy policy" checkbox before clicking the Subscribe Now button.

Because Paddle hosts its payment JavaScript on its CDN, proper operation of the payment overlay requires JavaScript to be enabled in the browser and allow loading from domains other than your own.

If the payment interface does not open within 10 seconds, or you see that it is not responsive, the problem may be a third-party browser extension or software that blocks JavaScript.
If this is the case, we suggest using a different browser without any extensions installed. If this does not help, try using another device (such as a phone or tablet) to make your purchase.

If you have a problem completing your payment with PayPal, please clear your browser cookies and try again. Such a problem is an issue with PayPal itself.

If there is a problem with your credit card transaction and it is being held up, we suggest you be patient and wait a day. It’s because Paddle uses an automated fraud prevention system, and it may have been triggered somehow.

If the credit card transaction finally fails, please contact your bank or card issuer. You will need to ask them to allow you to transact with Paddle, a company based in the UK or Ireland (they have two business entities, one you use to process the transaction depending on your location). You can then attempt to make the payment again. In our experience, in almost every case, the bank or card issuer has automatically blocked the transaction with a company outside your country.

If you have another problem or the solutions described don't work, please contact Paddle as explained above on this page.

What about Sales Tax charged outside the European Union?

It is not true that an EU company will only charge VAT on sales to non-EU business customers.  There are tax jurisdictions that require a vendor selling software and services in their territory to charge the appropriate sales tax / VAT, even if there is no physical presence in that jurisdiction.

There is a list of tax jurisdictions where tax is charged, when it is charged and how much it is. In many cases, the tax only applies to sales to individuals (B2C) and not sales to tax registered businesses (B2B).

We understand that the subject may seem complicated, so you should contact Paddle if you have any questions about tax compliance and charging issues.   

Subscribing as a company and adding VAT Number

As we have mentioned already, when you click the "Buy now" button on our site it opens, a full-screen overlay with the Paddle payment interface. It shows the total, including any applicable sales tax or VAT. After confirming your email address and location you will have to click the "Continue" button to proceed. The next view brings the available payment methods to choose from. There is also a link to "Add VAT number.” After clickin the button you will see this view:

Enter your complete company data and click the "Add VAT number" button. The system will validate VAT Number. After that you can chooce the payment method and continue the purchase process.

If you are an EU company with a VAT number registered with VIES, you must enter it without the country prefix.  

If you are an EU business, but your VAT number was not recognized when you clicked the “Apply button,” you should check it with the VIES EU service. If the service reports the VAT number is invalid, you can continue without entering business information at this stage. Once you have subscribed, follow the instructions under 'Converting a receipt into an invoice' below. If the EU VIES service reports a temporary problem, you can also make the payment without entering your business details. In this case, after a day or two follow the instructions under 'Converting a receipt into an invoice' and 'VAT refund.’  

If for some reason you have not entered a VAT ID, you can do it later by editing the invoice fields from Paddle - in such case Paddle will automatically do the VAT return.

Converting your receipt to an invoice

Once payment has been successfully made, Paddle sends an email confirming payment. The received receipt is a valid tax invoice if invoice details have been entered before payment.

If you have not entered your invoice details at the time of payment, you can do so within seven days of the receipt. To open the receipt, click on the link in the email you received from Paddle. If you have deleted this email, you can still find the link when you log in to our website, under the “My Subscriptions” section.

To convert the receipt into a valid tax invoice, use the link on the left-hand side of the receipt page.

If the link does not appear, it may mean that the receipt was issued more than seven days ago. In such a case, please contact Paddle as described above.

VAT refund request (European Union customers only)

If you forgot to enter your VAT number or the function to check it did not work, follow the instructions "Converting a receipt into an invoice" mentioned in the section above. You will enter your VAT number during this process. Your VAT refund will be issued within the next few days.




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