Joomla! tabs and accordions extension

Use DJ-Tabs to display content in tabs or accordions layouts. It can display single articlesarticles from categories, tags (a great solution for news websites), modulesvideos from Youtube and Vimeo, K2 items, or Custom Text/HTML content. It comes with 16 predefined themes plus you can create your own theme in seconds. DJ-Tabs is a unique solution for tabs in Joomla s it works as a component and you can reuse the same set of tabs in different places, like module position, inside articles, or as menu items. You do not need to use any shortcodes or tags to create the tabs.

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Tabs and accordions are a great way to display content compactly. Easily create tabs and accordions and show them where you need them. In the majority of Joomla! tabs extensions, you need to create the tabs directly in articles with the shortcodes. DJ-Tabs gives easy management and control over the tabs by reusing them in various places and modifying their look without touching the code.

  1. Create the items (there are 6 item types available) and assign them to the group (you can make an unlimited number of groups)
  2. Display your tab groups as tabs or accordions (you can also modify each tab to fit the needs).

 7 types of items that can be used as tabs or accordions

DJ-Tabs lets you mix all six available item types in one group, meaning you can have one tabs instance, and each tab will have different content. You can create an unlimited number of such tabs instances.

  • A single article (Joomla! or K2) - displays the content of the selected article. That also includes any plugins, modules, iframes, and custom fields you use in the article. So the article is your ultimate canvas where you can design the tabs look and feel. Any module you put into the article or any plugin used will also be displayed in the tab or accordion; this way, you can design the tab's content the same way you'd work on your article.
  • Articles category (Joomla! or K2) - DJ-Tabs will dynamically display articles from selected categories in the tab's content in an accordion layout. An excellent solution for websites with a lot of content. All new articles that appear in the selected categories will be automatically updated in tabs!
  • Module position - with this item type, you can put any module position inside the tab. Let it be a contact form, Google Map, or any other module you need.
  • Video - displays embedded video from Youtube or Vimeo. All you need to do is providing the video URL. It's even possible to set the videos to autoplay and auto-pause when navigating through tabs.
  • Custom Text/HTML - with this item, you can create the content inside the tab. Helpful if you do not want to display the article or module inside the tab and add the content directly there. 


Choose your theme and layout

You can choose from 16 built-in themes as well as create new ones to fit your website. You can also use different themes for the same tabs on different pages. No need to recreate the tabs.


  • 4 noneditable 
  • 12 editable (you can use them as a base and create an unlimited number of variations)
  • the possibility of creating own themes using the simple editor
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Tabs or Accordions

Each of the available layouts allows tailoring its behavior and look. Decide which tab or accordion should be opened, if the video plays automatically when opening the tab, if the accordions should be all closed or opened, what should trigger the tab change (click or hover), which tab should be opened on start, and many more.

  • Tabs
  • Accordion

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