joomla tabs types

6 types of items

Six different types of items can be used:

  • Single article - displays content of selected Joomla article
  • Articles category - articles from selected category displayed in accordion layout
  • Module position - you can use this feature to display any module you choose
  • Video link - displays video from Youtube or Vimeo
  • K2 single item - display content of the selected K2 item
  • K2 category - items from the selected K2 category will be displayed in accordion layout inside a tab

Read more in the documentation


joomla tabs groups

Item groups (categories)

  • set unlimited groups
  • each module can display items from different group

Read more about groups (categorization)


joomla tabs layouts accordion and tabs

2 Layouts

You can choose between two layouts:

  • tabs
  • accordion

Each of the layouts can be deeply configured with different options making it look exactly like you need it.

Learn about displaying options for tabs extension


flexible joomla tabs extension


Lot of parameters to more flexibility

  • choose if display images or not
  • set limit of the number of characters in the title

Read more about the flexible settings


joomla tabs themes

12 themes

You can choose between 12 different included themes

  • Four noneditable
  • 8 editable
  • the possibility of creating own themes using the simple editor

Read more about customization options


More DJ-Tabs features

Lots of parameters for more flexibility:


  • set a type of tabs' trigger: click or hover
  • set animation speed
  • choose whether to scroll the page to the active tab's content or not
  • choose how many rows of tabs should be displayed; set a custom width of tabs

Article Category:

  • choose a category or multiple categories to display articles from
  • limit the number of displayed articles
  • set the displayed articles' min and max date created
  • choose whether to display articles from the last X days
  • set a max category level - whether articles should be displayed from only the chosen categories or its subcategories as well
  • set articles' ordering: Name, Date created, Popularity, Ordering or Random; ascending or descending
  • choose how the articles should be displayed: in the accordion or in static X columns

Article & Article Category:

  • choose whether to display date, title or article image,
  • set article's date format and position
  • set title's characters limit
  • choose whether to display article images or not
  • choose article's image type and set its dimensions
  • create article's images thumbnails
  • display article's author and/or category; choose if it should be a link or not
  • set a custom "Read more" text
  • limit the number of article's description characters


  • choose whether the Youtube/Vimeo video should be paused/started automatically while switching tabs tabs

and more...

* All parameters can be set Globally and overridden specifically for each DJ-Tabs item.