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QR codes generator
for Joomla


Looking to streamline your digital interactions? With the Joomla QR code generator, you can effortlessly create scannable QR codes right from your website.

DJ-QrCode plugin works with YOOTheme Page Builder only!

dj-grcode example view
qr code generator example view

How does the QR code generator work?

DJ-QrCode is a Joomla plugin designed to simplify the generation of QR codes directly within the Joomla and YOOtheme Pro. With DJ-QrCode, users can easily create QR codes by inputting the desired QR data, such as URLs, text, or contact information. This plugin streamlines the process of incorporating QR codes into websites, allowing for enhanced digital interactions and information sharing.

The plugin does not bring any settings - just download, install and enable it. It requires YOOtheme Pro to work properly.

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