Most powerful Joomla gallery and sliders features

DJ-MediaTools layouts

Versatile and Customizable

You can choose among 9 different layouts and display your pictures, images, and videos as a gallery, slider, slideshow or tabbed view. Each layout has rich customization possibilities including the position of the description box, custom icons and more.

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Drag and drop + multi upload

DJ-MediaTools responsive Joomla gallery lets you upload multiple images at once, change their ordering with drag and drop feature and enter names for the images in one view. Real time saver!


Drag and drop feature

Responsive and touch screen ready

Responsive and touch screen ready

Joomla image gallery is fully responsive and works well on all devices. It adapts to every screen including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices

High Performance and images optimization

DJ Media Tools provides images optimization with Resmushit and lazy loading for gallery grid, slideshow, slideshow with thumbnails, tabber, modern slider layouts + serving different image sizes depends on screen width (srcset+sizes).


High Performance and images optimization

Watermarks feature in Joomla Gallery


Add image watermark to the pictures in the gallery. Each downloaded image will have embedded watermark.

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Effects & Animations

Easy to use CSS3 animation and transitions for images, descriptions and titles, image loading effects. A lot of them!

Joomla Gallery Effects & Animations


Most powerful gallery and sliders features

Use images & videos

Use images, youtube, Vimeo or local videos

With DJ-MediaTools gallery you can upload images or use locally stored videos (.mp4) or external sources like Youtube or Vimeo, Dailymotion, MetaCafe, Liveleak, Yahoo movies. Each item can be displayed in the Albums.

Joomla galleryJoomla galleryjoomla extension slideshowdj-mediatools joomla galleryjoomla gallery extensionGallery joomla extension

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Easy galleries creation

Easily create galleries from anywhere

You can create album right from the component in backend administrator panel or directly when creating an article. Basically, start creating the article and if you’ll need to put the gallery inside it just click the editor button and start creating galleries from there. It’s that easy! You can also use modules or front-end component views to display galleries.

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Advanced modal windows

Advanced modal windows

Set how you want the big images to appear. You can use regular Lightbox effect or advanced modal with the option to include any module or description. You can, for example, use comments from Facebook or other integration.

 Images optimization

Images optimization

DJ-MediaTools automatically scales the images and serves them in the best resolution so you can save bandwidth and display galleries faster to your users. You can also optimize the images straight from the component options using ReSmashit engine!

Integrations with other extensions

Joomla gallery extension integrations with other extensions

Images in the gallery can be taken from different sources like:

Each integration plugin has its own setup for the extension it integrates allowing you to display or hide certain parts of the extension.

Other Joomla gallery extension features

  • Unlimited Albums and items
  • Rich effects settings
  • Customise navigation without any coding (change the arrows, play, stop, next, previous, pause buttons)
  • Center the description box to be always in the center
  • Change navigation position
  • Control settings of each album separately on global, menu, album or module level
  • Customize description effect
  • Control Item elements options (title, description, readmore, readmore text, linking options, link description, description characters limit)
  • Order your images and give them a name when uploading thanks to great multiuploader
  • Beautiful gallery layouts
  • Custom read more text for items
  • DJ-Events integration pulls the date format from the events settings
  • Friendly admin panel
  • Different modal effects to use
  • Speed settings
  • Continuous Loop for sliders
  • Images size settings
  • Autoplay settings
  • Watermarks to secure your images

Available Translations

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release date
30 April 2020
paid download
Joomla version
Joomla 3.x
Joomla 3.x

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Supertolle Extension mit sehr vielen Möglichkeiten! Perfekt!

Diese Extension ist die beste, die ich getestet habe und jeden Cent wert!