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E-commerce, Subscription
& Directory Solution for Joomla


Create a Joomla Ecommerce or a Product Catalog With Us!

Meet DJ-Catalog2, a flexible e-commerce solution tailored to your business needs. Whether you're setting up a store or customizing extensively, DJ-Catalog2 has the tools. Enjoy built-in multilingual and RTL support, essential plugins for payments, shipping, and seamless integrations. Whether selling physical goods, digital products, or subscription services, DJ-Catalog2 empowers you to build an online presence. Simplify your e-commerce experience with DJ-Catalog2.



Lifetime use

up to 40% renewal discount*

  • 6 months of downloads, updates and support
  • Unlimited domains


Lifetime use

up to 40% renewal discount*

  • Ajax Search App
  • 1 year of downloads, updates and support
  • Unlimited domains

browsing and products purchase icon

Shopping Experience
and Product Purchases

DJ-Catalog2 is a powerful and flexible directory and catalog solution for Joomla! It allows you to create a variety of catalog and directory types and manage them effectively. It integrates seamlessly with the Joomla content management system, allowing you to manage joomla articles and other content types effortlessly. DJ-Catalog2 provides an intuitive e-commerce experience tailored for Joomla ecommerce business, offering seamless browsing, searching, and purchasing capabilities. The dedicated customer dashboard ensures easy access to essential information. Enjoy a fast and streamlined checkout process, enhancing overall shopping satisfaction. The platform supports effortless upselling directly within the cart to boost sales. Automatic invoicing and accessible order history simplify order management. Guest checkout functionality allows orders without creating an account, while features like wishlists and multiple address storage enhance user convenience.

  • Seamless Cart and Checkout: Fast and easy checkout process
  • Upsell Opportunities: Easily upsell products in the cart
  • Customer Dashboard: Centralized information access for customers
  • Automatic Invoices: Easy access to invoices and order history
  • Guest Orders: Allow orders from guest users
  • User Extra Fields: Collect additional user information
  • Wishlist: Users can save products for later
  • Address Book: Store multiple delivery addresses
  • Product Queries: Users can ask questions about single or multiple products
  • Quick Product View: Access product details quickly from the listing page

Create a Directory, Catalog, or Online Shop Cart with Our
Joomla Ecommerce Extension

Explore the versatility of DJ-Catalog2 as a Joomla e-commerce solution, adaptable for simple catalogs, advanced directories, or comprehensive online stores. Products form the backbone of any directory or shop, and DJ-Catalog2 excels with features designed for users and managers. Whether you require a streamlined catalog or a robust e-commerce platform, DJ-Catalog2 offers extensive customization options. It supports unlimited products and categories, ensuring scalability for businesses of all sizes. Enhanced with advanced search and filtering capabilities, DJ-Catalog2 enhances the shopping experience by helping users quickly locate desired items.

price and stock dj-catalog2 feature icon
  • Unlimited Products and Categories: Manage an unlimited number of products, categories, and users
  • Custom Fields and Groups: Create custom fields and organize them into groups
  • Flexible Single Page Layout for Products: Control the amount of information displayed on product pages
  • Different Product Types: Support for tangible, virtual (digital), and subscription products
  • Advanced Search and Filtering: Enhanced product search and filtering capabilities
  • Multimedia Support: Add images, videos, and attachments to products
  • Child Products and Variants: Manage child products and product variants
  • Product Combinations: Offer different images for each product combination
  • Product Comparison: Allow users to compare products
  • Geolocation: Add locations to products and enable searches via Google Maps
  • Product Dimensions: Specify product weight and dimensions
  • Fast Cart and Checkout: Efficient and user-friendly cart and checkout process
  • Upsell Products: Easily promote additional products in the cart
  • Customer Dashboard: Manage orders and account information from a comprehensive dashboard
  • Automatic Invoices: Generate and access invoices and order history effortlessly
  • Guest Orders: Allow guest users to place orders without registering
  • Custom User Fields: Collect additional user information with custom fields
  • Wishlist: Enable users to save products for later
  • Address Book: Store and manage multiple delivery addresses
  • Product Queries: Users can ask questions about single or multiple products
  • Quick Product View: Access product details directly from the listing page without navigating away

Effortless and Robust Joomla Ecommerce Website Management

Discover DJ-Catalog2, an adaptable Joomla extension designed to create dynamic online platforms tailored to your needs. With extensive customization options, effortlessly modify layouts, styles, and functionalities to align with your brand and business goals. As an open-source solution, DJ-Catalog2 encourages collaboration, allowing developers to contribute enhancements and innovations for continuous platform evolution. Whether you need an e-commerce storefront, a comprehensive directory, or a blend of both, DJ-Catalog2 offers the tools and flexibility within the Joomla framework to build robust online solutions. Empower your business to thrive in the digital landscape with DJ-Catalog2.

Prices, Discounts, and Taxes

Take control of your pricing strategy with DJ-Catalog2. Easily adjust prices, taxes, and discounts to maximize profitability and cater to your market's needs.

  • Flexible Pricing
  • Unlimited Product Management
  • Customizable Product Details
  • Versatile Product Pages
  • Diverse Product Types
  • Advanced Search and Filtering
  • Rich Media Integration
  • Comprehensive Product Variations
  • Interactive Product Comparison
  • Geolocation Integration
  • Accurate Product Specifications

Enhanced Integrations and Multilingual Support in Your Online Store

DJ-Catalog2 offers seamless integrations, diverse modules, and extensive translation capabilities to elevate your e-commerce platform.

  • Payment Gateway Plugins: Paypal, Stripe, Sofort, Mollie, Amazon, Paylane and more
  • Delivery Methods Plugins
  • Custom Integrations
  • Functional Modules and Plugins
  • Multilingual Support
  • RTL Support
  • Product Comments Integration: Facebook, Disqus, Jcomments, DJ-Reviews
  • Social Sharing Buttons

Advanced E-Commerce Functionality

Discover a wealth of advanced features designed to elevate your online store's performance and user experience.

  • Tiered Pricing
  • Additional Services
  • Product Variants
  • Automatic Labeling
  • Advanced Product Customization
  • Product Combinations
  • Split Shipment
  • Weight-based Delivery Methods
  • Open Source Code
  • SEO Optimization
The Physical Product, Downloadable or Subscription?

Tailor your offerings to suit diverse customer needs by choosing from physical, downloadable, or subscription-based products.

Key Features:

  • Physical Products: Offer tangible goods with available delivery methods for seamless shipping.

  • Downloadable Products: Provide virtual products that customers can download instantly after purchase, enhancing convenience.

  • Subscription Products: Sell time-limited access to Joomla! user groups with subscription-based products, enabling recurring revenue streams.

Ecommerce Solutions

DJ-Catalog2 transforms your Joomla website into a feature-rich online store, simplifying the process of selling your products with all the essential e-commerce functionalities.

Key Features:

  • Guest Checkout and User Accounts: Offer flexibility by allowing customers to checkout as guests or create accounts for streamlined future purchases.

  • Shopping Cart: Enable seamless shopping experiences with DJ-Catalog2 integrated shopping cart functionality, ideal for managing orders directly on your Joomla site.
  • Multiple Payment and Delivery Methods: Create diverse payment and delivery options to cater to different customer preferences and logistical needs.

  • Product Variations: Easily create various combinations of a single product, providing customers with a wide selection to choose from.

  • Customizable Product Attributes: Adjust non-predefined attributes of products to accurately showcase their unique features and specifications.

  • Flexible Taxation: Assign different VAT rates to products based on regional or legal requirements, ensuring compliance and transparency.

  • Tiered Pricing: Define variable prices or discounts to implement tiered pricing strategies, encouraging bulk purchases and maximizing revenue potential.

Digital Goods Management

Manage digital goods effortlessly with DJ-Catalog2, perfect for selling downloadable products directly through your Joomla website.

Unlock the Power of Tiered Pricing

DJ-Catalog2 introduces a unique tiered pricing feature, allowing you to define prices or discounts for your products based on customer purchases.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Discount Options: Offer discounts based on the number of products purchased in a single order, providing incentives for bulk purchases.

  • Multiple Discount Definitions: Choose from three types of discount definitions: fixed value, discount by percentage, or discount by value, to suit your pricing strategy.

  • Versatile Quantity Break Rules: Implement four types of rules (quantity breaks) to determine when discounts apply:

    • Individual: Apply discounts based on the quantity of a specific product.

    • Across All Products: Calculate discounts based on the total quantity of all products in the cart.

    • Same Producer: Apply discounts only to products from the same producer.

    • Same Category: Apply discounts only to products from the same category, ensuring targeted promotions.

Joomla Extensions Directory

Find DJ-Catalog2 listed in the Joomla Extensions Directory, ensuring compatibility and reliability for Joomla users worldwide. Check out all Joomla components. Browse extensions available for Joomla. See the other extensions.

Migrate from Other Pro Shop Extension

Looking to upgrade your Joomla e-commerce experience? DJ-Catalog2 offers seamless migration solutions for businesses currently using VirtueMart, j2store, joomshopping, Magento or HikaShop. Transfer your products, categories, and customer data effortlessly to DJ-Catalog2 and enjoy enhanced catalog management and a user-friendly interface. Explore how our migration services can streamline your e-commerce operations today.

Main DJ-Catalog2 Features

Looking for a versatile solution for your business needs? DJ-Catalog2 offers core multilanguage and RTL support, along with payment, delivery, and integration plugins, catering to both simple and advanced scenarios for your ecommerce websites. See all features:

joomla shop feature icon
Easy and Intuitive Product Card Creation

Create beautiful product cards, insert attractive images, and add videos, tables, presentations, and galleries.

different vat rate icon
VAT Rates Based on Buyer Country

In some countries, there is a need to settle the VAT rate from the buyer country. Our system allows you to configure it.

customer panel icon
Customer Panel

In the panel, the customer has access to his invoices as well as purchase history.

coupon codes icon
Coupon Codes
Generate any coupon codes (i.e. for regular customers or on special occasions).
attachments for product icon
Product Attachements
Add files for download like catalogs or manuals as an addition to a costly product description.
custom product label icon
Custom Product Labels

Highlight some of the products with special labels. It will bring the visitor's attention to special promotions or occasions.

automatic invoice icon
Automatic Invoice Issuing

It's an end to the trouble with invoices. With our store, you will be able to download them from the back easily-end panel and deliver them to your accountant.

adjustable price levels icon
Prices Dependent on the Number of Purchased Items

Encourage your clients to purchase more at one time thanks to adjustable price levels that depend on how many pieces of the same product will be purchased. The more, the lower the seller'sprice per item. This is a well-known and straightforward from ages method of increasing the seller's income.

Various Joomla Templates Support

A good product is just halfway to success. The first impression is what may decide whether a visitor will dive deeper into your website. This is why your store needs to have a nice and clean but at the same time eye-catching graphic and layout.

Add a Service to Your Product

Make your offer even more attractive by adding additional services to your product that users may buy. For example a gift pack service.

Prices and Stock Levels in One View

When there are a lot of products in the store, prices and stock level updates may be a real nightmare. Our component provides an intuitive single-list view where you can change these amounts without going into each single product view.

GDPR Compliance

Be legal! Since May 25, 2018, in EU-specificthe  regulations regarding personal data protection applications. Not everyone is aware of severe penalties for non-compliance. Our store meets the new rules.

Guest Users Orders

Not every customer wants to set up an account on your website. We give you the possibility to configure your store to allow such clients to purchase without the need for registration.

More Menu Items

Our store system allows you to add new menu items quickly and point them to new content or to existing elements to improve the navigation.

VAT and VAT EU Tax Support

If you sell your products to different EU countries, it is essential to validate the EU VAT number. You do not have to do it manually, our store will do it for you connecting with the online VIES database.

Intuitive and Ergonomic Cart

Customers value their time. We respect it, and this is why we developed our cart system to provide a fast and smooth order process.

Different Payment and Shipment Methods

Remember, the customer needs to have a choice. Let the user decide if he likes to pay with credit card, online transfer or upon the pickup. Let him choose a cheaper post or faster courier delivery.

Unlimited Categories and Subcategories

Group products in categories will make it easier for the client to find the right product and boost sales.

Static Landing Pages

In our online store, it is easy to add custom landing pages like promotion descriptions, policies, contacts, etc.

Mobile Version

Your store will work great on desktops as well as on mobile devices.

Products Variants

Make the search in your store even easier by replacing standard search with an intelligent solution that allows finding the desired product in a flash.

Product Custom Fields

Use custom fields as search filters. Your clients will be able to find the product faster which will boost your sales.

Products Comparison

Make it easier for your clients to choose the right product for them. The built-in product comparison tool lets the user set together a few products to check their features.