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Accessible mega menu system for Joomla!


Create accessible mega menu system for Joomla 5
with DJ-Extensions

Elevate your Joomla! 5 website's navigation with DJ-MegaMenu: a fully responsive solution offering horizontal and vertical layouts, along with an off-canvas menu for seamless mobile browsing. Customize the number of columns per menu and easily integrate modules to tailor your navigation exactly to your needs. With DJ-MegaMenu, you'll enjoy a user-friendly design optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a smooth and intuitive browsing experience for your visitors.

dj-megamenu demo page view

Create beautiful menus

columns, tree menus, icons, notes, modules

With an intuitive workflow and included plugin for menu items, you can easily manage and add different things to your menu. Decide how many columns, modules, icons, and effects will be used in your menu items.

accessible joomla menu with WCAG 2.0, section 508 and ADA support

Accessible Joomla Menu with WCAG 2.0, Section 508, and ADA support

Make it accessible

DJ-MegaMenu is fully accessible by keys on your keyboard (follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) ). You can enable or disable support for keyboard navigation with arrow keys.

dj-megamenu horizontal and vertial orientation

Horizontal and Vertical orientation

Make it mega in any position

Choose the orientation of the menu and display your mega menu where you need it. With DJ-MegaMenu, you can display a couple of menus on one page! It's up to your needs and imagination. Each instance of the module can be styled the way you want!

dj-megamenu cusotmizable

Easily customizable

logo, fit colors for texts, backgrounds, icons

Add your logo to the sticky menu and place it in the center, right or left. With Color Customizer create unlimited variations of the menu for every module instance. Fit it to your design! With color customizer, there’s no need to edit any files or know CSS, but it’s also easily customizable with CSS.

PS. you can also use one of 2 built-in default themes.

Choose your style

sticky menu, animations, menu layouts, dropdown directions, columns width, open events

Choose your menu effects (you can use one of the 30 possible) for entrance, exit. Select the speed and delay time of closing the menu. DJ-MegaMenu lets you use CSS3 animations, decide the dropdown direction and make menu items open on click or hover!

Responsive and mobile optimized

off canvas menu and touch enabled for better mobile experience

DJ-MegaMenu is not only fully responsive it also has a touch interface which gives brilliant way to navigate through your site for the users using different mobile OSes. Choose when the menu should change to mobile view.

Mobile menu customization

Different menu mobile types, themes, position, alignment, logo, off-canvas effects, modules

Choose one of two predefined mobile themes (dark or light) or use a color customizer to decide how you want to display the mobile menu (off-canvas, select list, accordion) and what logo should it have. Off-canvas mobile menu options come with 5 standard and 9 experimental effects.

Display any module at the top or bottom of the off-canvas menu.

The color customizer allows you to set the colors of Off - Canvas and Accordion menus as you need them to fit your website. There is no need to know CSS and edit any files; pick the colors and save; that’s it!

Joomla modules inside!

add any module to your menu

You can add anything to the menu; these can be custom HTML or any module you’ll find in your Joomla.

Icons and Subtitles

Font Awesome and Bootstrap icons supported, use subtitles

DJ-Megamenu allows you to display any of Bootstrap's or Font Awesome icons in any size, depending on how it fits your website.

Decide where the icons should be displayed desktop/mobile/both. You can use menu notes as subtitles and manage them similar to icons.

Tailor every menu item

menu subtitle, icon, color, background, module, access key

With the special plugin, you can edit every menu item right from the regular menu edit item view deciding if it’ll be displayed in both desktop and mobile versions, add subtitle, start a new column, choose a background image, add modules. Every item can also get a dedicated access key.

The ultimate Joomla Mega Menu

  • Responsive - fits any Joomla website
  • Standard + Tree menu submenus
  • Compatible with mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Touch support
  • Build advanced submenu layouts with columns, modules, effects, icons, subtitles and decide if they’ll be displayed in both desktop or mobile version of the menu

Mobile / Responsive

  • Responsive layout
  • Configurable point of switching to mobile menu
  • Works on all mobile devices
  • Off-canvas, Select Menu or Accordion
  • Dedicated mobile themes
  • Off-canvas logo
  • Option to put modules to Off-Canvas menu
  • Off-canvas effects (14 to choose)
  • The mobile menu can be opened collapsed or with an expanded submenu of the active menu item

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