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Best Classifieds Software
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Create Your Classifieds Website With Our Easy-to-Use Classifieds Script!

With our classifieds software, you can easily build your classified ads website, business directory, or any listing website!

DJ-Classifieds is powerful classified software that enables you to create your own classified ads website, business directory, or any listing platform effortlessly! Our classified ads script provides a versatile solution for small ads, automotive listings, real estate, and job postings. This standalone ad script is user-friendly, requiring no coding skills to set up your classifieds site. Enjoy features like online payments, unlimited categories, revenue options, paid advertisements, multiple account types, advanced filters, and robust search features!



Lifetime use

up to 40% renewal discount*

  • 6 months of downloads, updates, and support
  • Unlimited domains


Lifetime use

up to 40% renewal discount*

  • All DJ-Classifieds apps
  • 1 year of downloads, updates and support
  • Unlimited domains

With This Classifieds Software, You Can Build

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Real Estate Ads Portal
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Jop Listing Portal
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Auto Classified
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Business Directory
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Monetize Your Joomla Classified Ads Component

Transform your classified ads website into a robust revenue stream with DJ-Classifieds. Our Joomla software offers various ways to generate income, ensuring financial success. Promote listings and offer top placements to increase ad exposure. Implement flexible pricing strategies tailored to different categories and durations, effectively meeting diverse user needs. Customize your site effortlessly to maximize revenue potential and enhance user engagement.

  • Category-Based Pricing: Set unique prices for each category, including free options.

  • Promoted Adverts: Charge extra for features like bold, border, background, and special display positions.

  • Move to Top: Monetize the option to move ads to the top of listings.

  • Ad Duration: Differentiate pricing by ad duration, e.g., 7 days free, year-long ads paid.

  • Banner and AdSense Placement: Easily position banners or AdSense ads within the component.

  • Renewal Discounts: Offer reduced renewal prices to keep users active.

  • Extra Images: Charge for additional images beyond a set number.

  • Special Labels: Monetize labels like "URGENT"

  • Extra Characters: Charge for characters beyond a specified limit, ideal for long descriptions or print ads.

  • Credit/Point System: Implement an internal currency system where users purchase points for paid actions.

  • Subscription Plans: Create subscription plans that bundle various features like adverts, images, and promotions, tailored to user needs.

Create Auctions on Your Joomla Classifieds Site

Enhance your classified ads website with robust auction capabilities. Our classified software enables effortless setup and management of auctions, offering users dynamic bidding options. Customize auction durations, starting prices, and bid increments to suit your market requirements. Boost user interaction with real-time bidding and automated notifications. Integrating auctions broadens your audience and enhances site profitability.

dj-classifieds auction example
  • Auction Selling Option: Users can choose to sell their items via auction, enhancing engagement.

  • Reserve Price Setting: Sellers can set a reserve price to ensure their item reaches a minimum value.

  • Buy Now Feature: Users have the option to include a "Buy Now" feature for instant sales.

  • Bid Increase Control: Set minimum and maximum bid increments to manage auction dynamics.

  • Auction Filters: Use the filters module to display only auction listings, simplifying searches.

  • Auction Icon: A special icon indicates auction adverts in the list.

  • Auction Timer/Countdown: Display an auction timer/countdown to create urgency.

Customize Your Classified Ad Software

Optimize your classified ads website's performance by integrating robust auction capabilities. Our advanced classifieds software empowers you to set up and manage auctions, providing users with dynamic bidding opportunities. Customize auction durations, starting prices, and bid increments to meet specific market requirements. Improve user engagement with live bidding features and automated notifications. Seamless auction integration helps broaden your website's reach and maximize revenue potential.

  • Select the number of columns to display in the category view

  • Determine the column count for the blog view

  • Customize the columns shown in the table view

  • Toggle tooltip visibility

  • Specify which advertisement details to showcase

  • Tailor units - whether it's pieces, sets, pairs, or square meters

  • Varied display alternatives (intelligent table/list, blog/grid)

Advertiser and User Panel Functions in Classified Software

Each user or advertiser can access a personal panel that allows them to:

  • Profile editing (including avatar, custom fields, and location)

  • Ad management

  • Promotion of ads to the top

  • Archiving, deleting, or blocking ads

  • Ad renewal

  • Ad deletion

  • Ad Editing

  • Viewing favorite ads (wish list)

  • Managing "Saved searches" (also known as search alerts)

  • Location setting - activating this displays the map with the user's location in the profile.

Statistics and Analytics

With analytics add-ons for DJ-Classifieds, you can track the performance of your classified ads site. Additionally, you can allow your users (advertisers) to monitor their results as well. You can also let all users see how a particular advert is performing.

Three free solutions:

  • Administrator Analytics module: This module allows you to track key metrics in your backend, including top advertisers, income, auctions, and more. You can filter data by time to obtain precise insights.

  • Item/Advert Statistics module: This module displays the performance of individual adverts over time, distinguishing between new and recurring visits.

  • Global Statistics module: This module provides an overview of site-wide metrics.

Streamline Your Backend Management

Our Joomla classifieds software empowers administrators to seamlessly manage all aspects of advertisement handling from the admin panel. Our solution allows you to have complete control over your classified ads website. You can add and edit adverts, manage promotions, and adjust durations effortlessly. Take charge of user management, payments, email templates, and display statistics to ensure optimal performance and organization.

Boost Your Classifieds Website with Our Versatile Joomla Classifieds Component and Free Modules

Easily and swiftly construct your classifieds website using our Joomla classifieds component, equipped with a range of free modules:

  • It has an advanced search/filter module for enhanced user experience.
  • Categories module to efficiently organize listings.
  • Maps module for location visualization.
  • User menu module for seamless navigation.
    Items module enabling diverse advertisement display options.
  • User menu customization for tailored user experiences.
  • Regions/locations management for targeted outreach.
  • Comprehensive statistics tracking for informed decision-making.
Empower Your Users with Unrivaled Flexibility: Advanced Search and Filtering

Our advanced search and filtering capabilities redefine user experience by offering unparalleled flexibility and precision. Leveraging AJAX technology, users enjoy instant updates without page reloads. Explore a multitude of search criteria, including:

  • Location-based search
  • Radius search from Post Code
  • Geolocation functionality for effortless location selection
  • Category-specific search for targeted results
  • Detailed field and selection-based searches
  • Type-specific search labels for streamlined browsing
  • Video and image content search within posts
  • Keyword-based search for tailored results
  • Drill-down search for precise location and category targeting
  • Convenient reset button for clearing search parameters
  • Category tracking for seamless navigation
  • Customizable display order for personalized viewing
  • Filtering options for enhanced content discovery, including images, video, specific actions, and age restrictions (18+)
  • Time-based filtering for refining search results based on submission timeframes
Maximize Customization Potential with Unlimited Extra Fields: DJ Classifieds Script

Unlock endless customization possibilities with the DJ Classifieds script's unlimited extra fields feature. Tailor your website to accommodate diverse business areas seamlessly for enhanced advertisement effectiveness.

Allocate custom fields strategically across different sections of your website:

  • Categories: Customize fields for each category to optimize advertisement targeting.
  • User profiles: Empower users to enrich their profiles with avatars and custom fields, fostering a robust online presence. Utilize the registration plugin to collect user data seamlessly.
  • Contact form: Enhance communication by integrating custom fields into the contact form, providing advertisers with additional context.

Select from a variety of flexible field types: input boxes, text areas, select lists, radio buttons, checkboxes, dates, date ranges, and URLs.

Enjoy additional features such as integration with the search module, extensive field assignment capabilities, customizable display options, and flexible customization settings.

Empower your website with unmatched flexibility and customization, ensuring seamless adaptation to your business needs.

Streamline Geographic Management with DJ-Classifieds: Locations & Regions

Effortlessly manage locations and regions on your website with DJ-Classifieds, offering a range of powerful features:

Custom Location Creation: Construct a hierarchical tree structure to create customized locations tailored to your website's needs.

Import Ready-Made Location Database: Accelerate the setup process by importing an extensive location database from a CSV file, providing global coverage.

Flexible Options: Choose between utilizing custom locations or integrating the Google Maps API. Users can input precise coordinates for advertisements, ensuring geographic accuracy with the latter. Benefit from radius-based search functionality, allowing users to search within a specified distance from a designated point.

Optimize your website's geographic management for improved user experience and search presence with DJ-Classifieds.

Expand Your DJ-Classifieds Experience with Seamless Integration

Unlock the full potential of DJ-Classifieds by integrating it with a diverse range of other extensions, enriching its functionality and versatility.

Explore our extensive list of integrations:

  • Xmap
  • OSMap
  • DJ-Reviews
  • DJ-MediaTools
  • J!Mail Alerts
  • DJ-Classifieds Integrator for Yootheme Page Builder
  • Community Builder
  • Logman
  • wbAMP
  • EasySocial
  • Falang
  • JoomSEF
  • JomSocial

    Streamline Payments with Ready-Made Classifieds Payment Plugins

    Simplify payment processing on your classifieds site with our subscription package, featuring 26 globally recognized payment plugins. These plugins come pre-configured and can be fully customized to fit your needs. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless setup process, enhancing user experience and maximizing transaction efficiency across your classifieds platform.

    • 2checkout

    • Skrill

    • Paypal

    • Mercado Pago

    • Robokassa

    • PaymentSense

    • Paysafe Card

    • Fondy

    • DotPay

    • Ideal

    • Stripe

    • Sofort

    • Authorize.net

    • QuickPay

    • eTranzact

    • AliPay

    • Portmone

    • PagSeguro

    • Przelewy24

    • PayU (Poland)

    • PayU biz (India)

    • PayU South Africa

    • CoinGate

    • PayFast

    • Google Wallet

    • IPayTotal

    • MyFatoorah

    Plus offline payment plugin when your advertisers want to pay via a standard bank transfer method.