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Accessibility Plugin for Joomla and Wordpress

DJ-Accessibility Pro

Are You Seeking to Enhance Your Website's Accessibility for Users With Disabilities? Our Accessibe Solution Offers a Range of Benefits:
  • Improve the website's user experience for people with specific disabilities.
  • Help people with disabilities have an easier time accessing your website.
  • Simply install and forget. Works seamlessly on every WordPress theme and Joomla template.
  • Allows you to customize various aspects of the web accessibility features. For example: the appearance and behavior of the accessibility toolbar.
  • It's one of the best accessibility plugin WordPress.


Lifetime use

up to 40% renewal discount*

  • 6 months of downloads, updates, and support
  • Unlimited domains


Lifetime use

up to 40% renewal discount*

  • 1 year of downloads, updates, and support
  • Unlimited domains

Streamline Joomla and WordPress Accessibility with DJ-Accessibility: Your Tool for WCAG and ADA Compliance

Meet DJ-Accessibility, a powerful WCAG plugin designed to enhance the accessibility of your Joomla or WordPress-based website. Accessibility is essential for all websites. Our ADA compliance plugin offers a comprehensive set of options to ensure compliance with WCAG and ADA standards. With DJ-Accessibility, you can enhance the user experience for all visitors to your Joomla and WordPress sites, regardless of their abilities. The plugin offers intuitive navigation and optimized content presentation, providing the necessary tools to create an inclusive online environment. While DJ-Accessibility doesn't ensure full WCAG compliance on its own, it significantly improves your site's user-friendliness and accessibility. DJ-Accessibility serves as a helpful accessibility tool for website owners, simplifying the process of addressing accessibility problems. With this digital accessibility checker, you can identify and correct issues to ensure your web pages are accessible to all users. An accessible website improves user experience and allows more people to engage with your website content. The plugin supports the creation of accessible website content, making it easier for users with disabilities to interact with your site. Ultimately, DJ-Accessibility empowers website owners to build a more inclusive online presence, promoting equal access to information and services.

dj-accessibility pop-up tools view

Enhance Website Accessibility with Popup Options

Get rid of common accessibility issues on your website with customizable popup options. Display a button on the page to open a clear popup panel containing various accessibility settings. You can use the default button design or customize it with an image that matches your website's aesthetic. The feature ensures users can easily adjust settings to meet their accessibility needs, enhancing their browsing experience. Make your website accessible for people of all abilities by integrating features: readable fonts, focusable elements, and alt text for images. With these options, you can ensure that your site provides an inclusive experience for everyone.

dj-accessibility toolbar options view

Improve Accessibility with Toolbar Options

Elevate the accessibility of your website by incorporating a modern and clear toolbar for displaying accessibility settings. With this feature, you can choose the toolbar placement on your site. This customizable toolbar ensures that users can easily access and adjust settings.

dj-accessibility contrast tool

Enhance Website Accessibility with High Contrast, Font Size, Screen Reader and Many More Features

Empower all users to navigate your website comfortably with DJ-Accessibility, offering a range of accessibility options: customizable popup panels and adjustable settings. Enhance readability with font adjustments, ensure focusable elements for better navigation, and provide alt text for images. Make your website accessible for people of all abilities and ensure a seamless browsing experience.

The Most Important Accessibility Requirements that Our Plugin Provides:

  • Color Inversion
  • Saturation Control
  • Link and Heading Highlighting
  • Screen Reader and Read Mode
  • Content Scaling
  • Font Customization

WP Accessibility

Enhance your WordPress website with our accessibility plugin. DJ-Accessibility ensures your site meets the highest standards of accessibility. It makes it easier for all users to navigate and interact with your content. Our WP accessibility widget is designed to provide seamless integration and comprehensive accessibility features, ensuring your website is inclusive and user-friendly.

WordPress Website

Make your WordPress website more accessible with our web content accessibility guidelines ADA compliance plugin. Our powerful accessibility plugin for WordPress provides a robust set of features. It is designed to improve user experience and ensure compliance with accessibility standards. With the WP accessibility widget, you can easily implement and manage accessibility features, ensuring your website is welcoming to all users.

DJ-Accessibility WordPress and Joomla Accessibility Plugin Features

Boost your website accessibility with a bunch of easy-to-use features and make your website user-friendly for all. Enhance navigation, improve readability, and ensure compliance with accessibility standards effortlessly.

contrast icon

Smart Contrast

DJ-Accessibility includes powerful accessibility features:

  • color inversion
  • monochrome mode
  • dark and light contrast options
  • low and high saturation settings
  • the ability to highlight links and headings

Each option caters to diverse user preferences and needs. This ensures that your website remains accessible to everyone, regardless of their visual requirements or preferences. Customize these settings effortlessly to create an inclusive browsing experience for all visitors.

screen reader icon

Screen Reader

Make your browser read aloud the selected text on the page in the language of the site! This feature from DJ-Accessibility is particularly beneficial for users who prefer auditory content or have reading difficulties. It enhances accessibility by allowing users to listen to website content instead of reading it, thereby providing a more inclusive experience. Customize and enable this feature to improve usability and ensure your content reaches a broader audience effectively.

navigation icon

Keyboard Navigation

The plugin supports keyboard navigation, ensuring users can access and enable its options without relying on a mouse. This feature enhances accessibility by catering to individuals who navigate websites primarily using keyboard shortcuts. By seamlessly integrating keyboard functionality, DJ-Accessibility empowers users with disabilities or specific needs. It allows them to adjust settings effortlessly, promoting a more inclusive browsing experience. Customize these features to optimize accessibility and usability across your Joomla or WordPress website effectively.

responsive wcag icon

Mobile Friendly

The plugin includes a responsive panel, ensuring optimal display across various devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can customize the button position specifically for mobile devices, enhancing accessibility and usability on smaller screens. This flexibility allows you to provide a seamless experience for all users. It ensures accessibility across different devices when accessing your Joomla or WordPress website.

custmization icon

Customizable Icon

Easily customize the button design by uploading any image that suits your website's aesthetic and branding. This feature helps you maintain consistency in the appearance of your site. DJ-Accessibility ensures that accessibility options are seamlessly integrated and user-friendly for all visitors.

font content scaling icon

Change the Typo

With DJ-Accessibility, you can effortlessly customize text appearance to enhance readability. Customize font size, line height, and letter spacing. Ensure that your content remains clear and accessible for all users. DJ-Accessibility provides diverse visual preferences and accessibility requirements. This flexibility promotes a better browsing experience for every visitor to your website.

Wordpress Accessibility Plugin

Boost your WordPress site's accessibility with the DJ-Accessibility plugin, a tool designed to facilitate easier navigation for users with disabilities. This plugin offers features such as high-contrast modes, screen readers, and keyboard navigation aids. To fully comply with WCAG 2.1 standards and ADA regulations, website owners must integrate comprehensive accessibility elements. While the plugin offers these extra features, they serve to enhance rather than substitute for foundational accessibility measures. This approach ensures inclusivity for all users and significantly enhances the overall web experience.

Joomla WCAG Plugin

Optimize your Joomla site with the DJ-Accessibility plugin, crafted to enhance usability for individuals with disabilities. This plugin includes tools like content scaling and customizable toolbars. It also offers screen reader support, making it easier for users to interact with your site. However, proper accessibility implementation by the site owner is crucial to meet WCAG 2.1 guidelines fully. The plugin serves as an aid, but adherence to accessibility standards remains the user's responsibility to ensure a truly inclusive website.

Simple, Flexible Pricing

Plan duration refers only to downloads of the extensions, their updates and priority 1:1 support. Once your subscription expires there are NO LIMITATIONS in functionality


Lifetime use

up to 40% renewal discount*

  • 6 months of downloads, updates, and support
  • Unlimited domains


Lifetime use

up to 40% renewal discount*

  • 1 year of downloads, updates, and support
  • Unlimited domains


Lifetime use

up to 40% renewal discount*

  • 1 year of downloads, updates, and support
  • Unlimited domains
  • All templates & extensions