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Accessibility plugin for Joomla and Wordpress

DJ-Accessibility Pro

Are you seeking to enhance your website's accessibility for users with disabilities? Our solution offers a range of benefits:
  • Improve the website's user experience for people with specific disabilities.
  • Help people with disabilities have an easier time accessing your website.
  • Simply install and forget. Works seamlessly on every WordPress theme and Joomla template.
  • Allows you to customize various aspects of the accessibility features on your website, such as the appearance and behaviour of the accessibility toolbar.

Enhance Accessibility with DJ-Accessibility: Ensuring WCAG and ADA Compliance

Meet DJ-Accessibility, a powerful WCAG plugin designed to enhance the accessibility of your Joomla or WordPress-based website. Accessibility is essential for all websites, and our plugin offers a comprehensive set of options to ensure compliance with WCAG and ADA standards.

With DJ-Accessibility, you can rest assured that your website is accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities. From intuitive navigation to optimized content presentation, our plugin provides the tools you need to create an inclusive online experience for everyone.

dj-accessibility accessibility tools view
dj-accessibility pop-up tools view

Enhance Website Accessibility with Popup Options

Improve the accessibility of your website with customizable popup options. Display a button on the page to open a clear popup panel containing various accessibility settings. Choose between the default button design or customize it with an image of your choice to match your website's aesthetic. This feature ensures that users can easily adjust settings to meet their accessibility needs, enhancing their browsing experience.

dj-accessibility toolbar options view

Improve Accessibility with Toolbar Options

Elevate the accessibility of your website by incorporating a modern and clear toolbar for displaying accessibility settings. With this feature, you can choose the placement of the toolbar on your site—whether at the top, sides, or bottom of the page. This customizable toolbar ensures that users can easily access and adjust settings to enhance their browsing experience and meet their accessibility needs effectively.

dj-accessibility contrast tool

Enhance Website Accessibility with High contrast, font size, screen reader and many more features

Empower all users to navigate your website comfortably with DJ-Accessibility, offering a range of accessibility options including:

  • Color Inversion
  • Saturation Control
  • Link and Heading Highlighting
  • Screen Reader and Read Mode
  • Content Scaling
  • Font Customization

DJ-Accessibility Features

Boost your website accessibility with a bunch of easy-to-use features and make your website user-friendly for all.

contrast icon

Smart contrast

  • Invert colors, Monochrome, Dark contrast, Light contrast, Low saturation, High saturation, Highlight links, Highlight headings
screen reader icon

Screen reader

Make your browser read aloud the selected text on the page in the language of the site!

navigation icon

Keyboard navigation

The plugin supports the keyboard navigation so that its options can be easily accessed and enabled without using a mouse.

responsive wcag icon

Mobile friendly

Responsive panel and option to set the button position for mobiles separately.

custmization icon

Customizable icon

Change the button design simply by uploading the image you like.

font content scaling icon

Change the typo

Easily adjust the text as you need by setting the font size, line height, and letter spacing.

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