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E-commerce & Catalog Solution for YOOtheme PRO

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator

Build Your Dream Ecommerce Website with YOOtheme Website Builder

Are you looking to build a dynamic ecommerce store or product catalog website? Say no more! With DJ-Catalog2 and YOOtheme’s Page Builder, you can create stunning online stores effortlessly. Our online shop website builder offers seamless integration between these powerful platforms, granting you access to all the incredible features of YOOtheme's Page Builder in just a few clicks. Say hello to effortless website building!

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator plugin works with YOOTheme Page Builder & DJ-Catalog2 extension only!



Lifetime use

up to 40% renewal discount*

  • 6 months of downloads, updates and support
  • Unlimited domains


Lifetime use

up to 40% renewal discount*

  • 1 year of downloads, updates and support
  • Unlimited domains

Enhance Your Online Store Product Presentations with Powerful Layouts

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator is an essential tool for anyone looking to build a robust ecommerce website using YOOtheme Pro. It seamlessly integrates DJ-Catalog2 with YOOtheme, offering extensive customization options and an intuitive website builder experience. Learn how DJ-Catalog2 Integrator can help you create an outstanding online store, whether you are a small business owner or running a large ecommerce business.

Experience the versatility of the DJ-Catalog2-YooTheme Integration plugin's layout feature, designed to elevate your product presentations just like YooTheme does for articles. With this feature, you can create unique layouts for each product, allowing every item in your e-store to have its distinctive product page.

For those seeking simplicity, our plugin offers pre-configured layouts crafted by our designers. This ensures that your product cards are visually appealing and compelling, crucial factors in driving sales. Choose from a selection of well-thought-out designs to effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of your product pages and attract more customers.

dj-catalog2 integrator product layout view
dj-catalog2 integrator product list view

Streamline Your Product Presentation with Easy Templates

Simplify the process of maintaining consistency across your e-commerce site with Templates, a feature offered by the DJ-Catalog2-YooTheme Integration plugin. Whether you prefer a uniform appearance for all products or seek customization for specific categories, templates provide a seamless solution.

By creating a product card layout within a template, you can effortlessly apply it to all categories in your assortment. Any changes made to the template will automatically reflect across all products, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

For added convenience, our plugin offers access to predefined templates crafted by our designers. These templates are designed to meet various design needs, allowing you to choose the perfect layout for your product cards with ease.

dj-catalog2 integrator extended product grid view

Enhance Your Product Category View with Extended Products Grid

Take your product category view to the next level with the Extended Products Grid feature offered by the DJ-Catalog2-YooTheme Integration plugin. While templates can certainly enhance this aspect, our plugin offers something more.

Experience the exceptional feature of the "extended product grid" element, which empowers you to effortlessly customize which DJ-Catalog2 fields are displayed and in what order. This level of flexibility ensures that your product category view is precisely tailored to meet your needs, providing a seamless and intuitive browsing experience for your customers.

dj-catalog2 integrator elements view

Unlock Creativity with Helpful Elements

Explore the versatility of the DJC2-Yootheme-Integration plugin's helpful elements, designed to enhance your templates and layouts. With nine elements at your disposal, you can effortlessly customize your designs to suit your specific needs.

The page builder elements feature introduces a new level of creativity, allowing you to build templates and layouts from pre-made blocks quickly and efficiently. This streamlined approach accelerates the design process like never before, empowering you to create stunning templates and layouts with ease.

dj-catalog2 integrator dynamic content view

Harness Dynamic Content

Discover the dynamic content feature, a powerful addition to the DJ-Catalog2-Yootheme Integration Plugin. With Yootheme pro, you can seamlessly pull specific content from the Joomla DataBase directly into your layout, offering unparalleled customization possibilities.

To further enhance this functionality, our plugin includes 12 DJ-Catalog2 content sources, providing even more flexibility to customize your website according to your preferences. Explore the endless possibilities and set your website apart with ease.

Websites Uilt with DJ-Catalog2 Integrator

Check our YOOtheme based realizations with an elegant and functional design for e-commerce or products catalog websites.

Key Features of DJ-Catalog2 Integrator

Take advantage of the synergy of two great tools, YOOtheme PRO page builder and DJ-Catalog2, and create a perfect eCommerce website.

design icon
Excellent Design

Use any YOOtheme PRO template, and get beautiful and functional design out of the box.

flexibility icon

Build the product, category, or checkout page yourself. Decide if layout should be different depending on the category or product type.

yootheme logo icon
Full YOOtheme Integration

Enjoy all the YOOtheme PRO options like elements or dynamic content and use them in DJ-Catalog2 views.

customization options icon
Customization Options

With DJ-Catalog2 Integrator, you have access to a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor your online store to meet your specific business needs.

SEO tools icon
SEO Tools

SEO is critical for any online store. DJ-Catalog2 Integrator includes powerful SEO tools to help you optimize your ecommerce site for search engines, improving your online visibility and driving more traffic to your store.

responsive design icon
Responsive Design

In today's mobile-first world, having a responsive ecommerce website is essential. DJ-Catalog2 Integrator ensures your online store looks great on any device, providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Building Your Online Store with DJ-Catalog2 Integrator

Creating your ecommerce website with DJ-Catalog2 Integrator starts with setting up YOOtheme Pro and DJ-Catalog2. Once both are installed, the integration process is straightforward, allowing you to quickly start building your online store.

Customizing Your Store

Using the website builder tools provided by YOOtheme Pro, you can customize your online store to reflect your brand. DJ-Catalog2 Integrator offers various customization options, from changing the layout and design to adding custom fields and product attributes.

Adding Products

DJ-Catalog2 makes it easy to add products to your online store. You can create detailed product listings, including descriptions, images, and prices, making it simple for shoppers to find and purchase your products.

Enhancing Your Ecommerce Business with DJ-Catalog2 Integrator

Marketing Tools

Effective marketing is essential for the success of any ecommerce business. DJ-Catalog2 Integrator includes various marketing tools, such as email marketing and social media integration, to help you promote your products and reach a wider audience.

Managing Inventory

Keeping track of inventory is crucial for any online store. DJ-Catalog2 Integrator provides tools to help you track inventory levels, ensuring you never run out of stock and can meet customer demand.

Payment Processing

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator supports multiple payment processors, including PayPal, making it easy for customers to complete their purchases securely.

Web Hosting

Choosing the right web hosting provider is essential for the performance and reliability of your ecommerce site. DJ-Catalog2 Integrator works seamlessly with various web hosting providers, ensuring your online store runs smoothly.

Advantages of Using DJ-Catalog2 Integrator

Streamlined Workflow

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator streamlines the process of building and managing your ecommerce website, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Cost-Effective Solution

By combining the features of YOOtheme Pro and DJ-Catalog2, DJ-Catalog2 Integrator offers a cost-effective solution for creating a professional online store without the need for expensive custom development.


Whether you're starting a small online store or running a large ecommerce business, DJ-Catalog2 Integrator can scale with your needs, providing the flexibility to grow your business.

Creating a Digital Storefront with DJ-Catalog2 Integrator

Online Store Templates

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator offers a variety of online store templates, allowing you to quickly create a professional-looking ecommerce website.

Custom Design

For those who want complete control over their website design, DJ-Catalog2 Integrator provides the tools needed to create a custom template in Joomla, ensuring your online store stands out.

Improving Online Sales with DJ-Catalog2 Integrator

Admin Panel

The admin panel provided by DJ-Catalog2 Integrator makes it easy to manage your ecommerce website, from updating product listings to monitoring sales and inventory.

User Management

Effective user management is essential for any online business. DJ-Catalog2 Integrator includes tools to manage user accounts, ensuring store owners can easily control access and permissions.

Reporting and Analytics

Understanding your business performance is crucial for growth. DJ-Catalog2 Integrator provides detailed reporting and analytics, helping you track sales, monitor customer behavior, and make informed business decisions.

Managing Your Ecommerce Website with DJ-Catalog2 Integrator

Sales Channels

Expanding your sales channels is crucial for growing your ecommerce business. DJ-Catalog2 Integrator allows you to easily integrate with various marketplaces and sales platforms, increasing your reach and driving more sales.

Shopping Cart

A seamless shopping cart experience is essential for converting visitors into customers. DJ-Catalog2 Integrator offers a robust shopping cart solution, making it easy for shoppers to complete their purchases.

Payment Processors

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator supports a range of payment processors, ensuring customers can pay using their preferred method.

Why Choose DJ-Catalog2 Integrator for Your Ecommerce Website?

When it comes to creating an ecommerce website, selecting the right tools and platforms is crucial. DJ-Catalog2 Integrator offers a comprehensive solution that combines the power of YOOtheme Pro's website builder with the robust features of DJ-Catalog2, making it one of the best online store builders available.

Creating an online store requires careful consideration of various elements, such as user experience, product management, and seamless integration of various functionalities. DJ-Catalog2 Integrator excels in these areas, offering a streamlined experience for both store owners and customers. As an ecommerce platform, it supports a wide range of digital products, allowing you to sell everything from downloadable content to services. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes and types.

Best Features

One of the standout features of DJ-Catalog2 Integrator is its ability to simplify the process of building and managing a web store. With YOOtheme Pro’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily design and customize your site without needing extensive technical knowledge. This feature is particularly beneficial for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to launch their online stores quickly and efficiently. The combination of ease of use and powerful functionality makes DJ-Catalog2 Integrator a top choice among online store builders.

Moreover, DJ-Catalog2 Integrator provides extensive options for managing your product catalog. Whether you're dealing with a large inventory or a small selection of items, the platform's robust tools make it easy to organize and display your products attractively. This includes features like advanced search filters, customizable product pages, and flexible pricing options, which are essential for creating a user-friendly shopping experience.

Digital Products

In the realm of digital products, DJ-Catalog2 Integrator stands out by offering secure and efficient delivery options. Customers can easily purchase and download digital goods directly from your site, ensuring a smooth and satisfying transaction process. This functionality is crucial for businesses specializing in software, e-books, music, and other digital content, making DJ-Catalog2 Integrator an excellent choice for those in the digital products market.

Additionally, the integrator’s compatibility with various payment gateways ensures that your web store can cater to a global audience. Whether your customers prefer PayPal, credit card payments, or other methods, DJ-Catalog2 Integrator provides the necessary tools to accommodate their preferences. This versatility is key to reaching a broader market and increasing your sales potential.

Best E-Commerce Website Builder

DJ-Catalog2 Integrator offers a robust and user-friendly solution for building a successful ecommerce website. Its combination of YOOtheme Pro’s website builder and DJ-Catalog2’s comprehensive features makes it an ideal choice for online store builders. Whether you’re selling physical goods or digital products, this ecommerce platform provides the flexibility, functionality, and ease of use needed to create a thriving web store. With DJ-Catalog2 Integrator, you can streamline your ecommerce operations and focus on growing your business.

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