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Joomla extension for classified ads, auctions and listing websites. Offers unlimited categories, locations, custom fields, and various payment gateways.



Simple and powerful directory/catalog and eCommerce Joomla extension. Simple to setup and provides neat, modern responsive output.



The accessible Joomla extension with many possibilities to set up the menu. Set the number of columns per each menu item, and put the modules inside.



Joomla extension for galleries, slideshows, sliders. Create beautiful photo and video galleries and place them anywhere at your website.




  • [ DJ-ImageSlider ]
    Amazing component!
    It does everything I need and more! Endless possibilities make it simply the best on the market
    [ Grzegorz, reviews from JED ]
  • [ DJ-Catalog2 ]
    Great extension
    Easy to setup and the installation ran smoothly.
    [ Marek, reviews from JED ]
  • [ DJ-Classifieds ]
    Professional Component
    Works great with many useful features. It is suitable to build a professional classifieds website.
    [ Richard , reviews from JED ]
  • [ DJ-Suggester ]
    Excellent product and service!
    This product is great in any ways and the support is fast, accurate and excellent!
    [ Thomas Granerød , reviews from JED ]
  • [ DJ-CookieMonster ]
    Very easy to use plugin
    2 panels, a pop-up window on the center of the screen or below. Several design themes, the possibility of the module insertion.
    [ Alex, reviews from JED ]
  • [ DJ-MediaTools ]
    Ease of use
    This is a super nice extension where you have many options.
    [ Robert Kristensen, reviews from JED ]
  • [ DJ-Tabs ]
    Really Excellent Component
    I'm using DJ-Tabs component - is easy to config and good support. Thanks for DJ-Extension team.
    [ greghewgill , reviews from JED ]
  • [ DJ-MegaMenu ]
    Great plugin and great support!
    Fantastic. Best mega-menu for joomla. Even the "light" version!
    [ madmaxy, reviews from JED ]
  • [ DJ-Reviews ]
    Great Extension
    Easy to use no issues - easy to used, intuitive and have had no problems.
    [ Andrew Murray,, reviews from JED ]
  • [ DJ-Classifieds ]
    Great product
    Infinite configurations and options, with this component you can build any type of directory.
    [ Miri, reviews from JED ]