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How to write a successful classified ad
11 October 2018
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How to write a successful classified ad

26 November, 2021

Nowadays it is not enough to post the ad on the internet. It is necessary to believe what advertisements to create and how to formulate them to lead potential clients to choose this advertisement.

The Internet is one of the best tools because it allows you to be in real time and place while a prospect is looking for a product or service that you offer. An online announcement has become a new way of selling and providing products and services.

When we want to promote our ads, the first thing we pay attention to is their visibility. We want people to know about us and be interested. Therefore, every entrepreneur should know what types of advertisements on the Internet to publish and how to build their content to stand out from the competition.

Write Classified Ads and get Results

Find you audience

Reaching your target audience is extremely important. If you're adding an ad to a popular website, you can find many buyers easier, but if you want to put it on a niche, make sure you know whom you want it to get.

Because you spend much money on the publication of your advertisement, make sure it is in the right place.

For example, if you put up a car for sale and put information in the portal, you use terms and words that the laymen can understand to explain the essential features.

However, when placing an advert on a thematic portal, you need to make sure it's a bit more detailed.

Get attention

Every good advertisement should be written in such a way as to attract the attention of the target audience. So you have to start content with a catchy phrase.

It is worth reviewing other ads, and take a look at those that attract your attention. If a given advertisement hits you, it probably turned out to be effective.

So how do you draw the attention of the recipients?

You can start, for example, with:

"BMW car, rare used, proven, available for a reasonable price."First of all, the product itself should be mentioned. Then you exchange all the positive things that will make the interested person want to take immediate action.

The example discussed above explains in a few words that a given product is ready to be picked up at a reasonable and affordable price.

Generate further interest

You have attracted attention, but you must interest them with the entire announcement. Give a good reason to contact you.

Why should the reader come to you who sells BMW among several others who are trying to sell used cars of this brand?

Try, for example:

"Negotiable price for the first 5 interested".

So, if your reader is among the top five to call you, he will probably be able to negotiate a price to get a better discount and then decide if the amount will be right for him or not. The discount limit will, of course, beset by you.

Call to action

The reader has decided that he contacts you. What is his call to action? Give him your contact number. Use terms such as:

"Hurry Up!"

"Call now"

"Offer limited"

to get him to take immediate action.

As mentioned earlier, the task of your advertising is to get direct contact. Just remember to be ready for these connections and keep the product you are trying to sell in an attractive form.

What is particularly worth remembering?


The header is the key to attracting the attention of potential customers. If we can add a header, please pay attention to it. People are very focused on the headline of the advertisement.

Photos and videos

Adding photos or videos to ads is a must. If the site allows you to insert multimedia content, you must choose the ones you want to add.

In addition to the header, the image will be the first thing that will draw the attention of the customer. Because if graphics or video do not attract them, they probably will not read your ad at all.

Call to action

If you want to place an exciting announcement that will attract customers, your text must be compelling so that the potential customer can feel the attraction to a given product or service.

Look for words that will encourage readers and make them understand that this is the best option among the offers they will find on the internet. The appropriate phrases used as a call to action will allow you to gain new customers!

Word Power

Some words can be stronger than others, and more valuable. The critical thing is knowing which words to use and in which order.

Sometimes it's a matter of using one proper word or wording. The point is to get the right feelings, the correct belief in the readers of your description.

Moreover, they cause words that have power. If you have problems finding words to use in the advertisement, the reason is that you can not imagine what words you want to use, and not what kind of feelings you want to impose on the reader.

Decide first about feelings and then experiment with the words that best convey them. It is also worth looking for on the web because there are many pages where we can find full resources of words, which are often used in advertisements.


Before you try out your advertisement for a large group of recipients, it is worth checking if it can generate adequate profits. This will help you save some money and give you time to write a more exciting announcement.

Give yourself some time too. If you do not receive a response within two weeks of placing the ad, consider the changes. Following the guidelines mentioned above, you will arouse interest and be able to generate profits.

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