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The Most Popular Advertising Categories for Classified Ads Portal
03 August 2017
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The Most Popular Advertising Categories for Classified Ads Portal

26 November, 2021

One of the fastest-growing types of online advertising is classified ads portals.

They handle the presentation of the wide range of different classified ads divided into many thematic categories like automobiles, real estate, education, jobs, services and more.

The low cost of online advertising is the main reason for its growth. It’s one of the best ways to sell products.

It’s important to mention that age is an important factor in online classifieds.

Free online classifieds sites are very popular for people aged 25-44.

More popular than for 18-24 years olds group. Older users, aged 55+ are less likely to use online classifieds.

The value of classified ads online portals

Statistically, running the advertising portal is a great business, because the biggest websites bring huge profits.

For example, the OfferUp co-founder said in 2016 “that he expects the company to do upwards of $14bn in transactions in the next 12 months”.

Craigslist also achieves great successes - “$50bn worldwide page views and 80m classified ads per month”.

The modern classified advertising market is currently dominated by mighty portals like eBay, Craigslist but also start-ups as LetGo and OfferUp – there were recently valued at $1.2bn.

Which are the most popular types of classified ads on the web?

We’ve done a research and prepared a list of the categories that should be considered by you - if you want to develop your advertising portal.

There are certain ad groups which are particularly attractive.

The reason behind the popularity of these classified ads groups is the objective which they intend to meet (personal or business).

With classified ads website, you have a couple of standard simple ways to earn money and get to change your site into a cash cow.

Maybe you wanted your portal to focus on the selected categories only. If classified ads were only available in the limited number categories, now it is worth thinking about extending it.

Consider which categories of ads should be added.

Below you will find a list of the most popular Classified Ads categories. A summary has been made last week on the basis of such services as:

  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • GumTree
  • OLX
  • Oodle

The results:

  • Real Estate ads - advertisements for sale, purchase and rent out individual homes, flats or apartments.
  • Job Ads - a quite popular category under classifieds. It’s a great solution for most small and medium businesses looking for employees and people looking for a job as well.
  • Dating ads - This category may be quite controversial; it may not fit into each portal. Nevertheless, it is always popular, and many users add their adverts to it.
  • Car Ads - In principle, not only cars but every kind of vehicles. Incredibly popular category - all sorts of vehicles are a very hot commodity.
  • Fashion Ads - Selling or buying clothes and accessories related to the style of dress is a great category for any growing classified ads portal.
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