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Extra functionality added for DJ-Classifieds
02 October 2012
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Extra functionality added for DJ-Classifieds

26 November, 2021

DJ-Classifieds v.2.1 was just released.

As usual we took into account your suggestions and request and the new version is full of new features, fixes and improvements.

The biggest change is that we gave you now the control over the ads durations so you can freely set the duration of the ads, for example charge additional $ a month publication etc - there are no limits.

The next nice addition is that now there are 5 promotions available (that you can control of course with price), so the ad can be first on list, bolded, displayed with border, with extra background or marked as special (so you can for example display ads with this promotion in seperate module on your frontpage) - and again all is flexible so advertiser can mix it all together to get better exposure.

There are planty of smaller and bigger improvements that were added - for example improved search, option to display full description in Items module, improved users' panel with colored expiration dates. It's hard to tell everything in one post, so the strong suggestion is to check the changelog to see all the changes/fixes and improvements.

You should also check this FAQ post about duration and promotions change.