DJ-Classifieds update 2.2 beta

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DJ-Classifieds update 2.2 beta
14 December 2012
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DJ-Classifieds update 2.2 beta

26 November, 2021

  • the new Youtube/Vimeo addition option
  • Joomla native search plugin
  • option to allow adding website address for advertisers
  • option to modify date and time format
  • possibility to assign Joomla user groups to specific categories
  • set limit for characters in title
  • see advertisers IP’s in backend
  • and more...

The below list gives you a quick overview of what was changed, added, fixed.


What should I do to test the beta version?
you have two options:

  1. You can just download and install it on clean installation of Joomla (or on site where you want to test it and you feel secure that something can go wrong there [it’s a beta version])
  2. You can do the regular update on your current joomla installation.

Remember that this is a beta, it’s not yet ready for live sites. So if your site is a serious classifieds business built on Joomla the good way would be to make a copy of the site and install it in different location to test all the new features and if the update in your case goes smooth.

After update you should fill the price for the advert renewal - as this option was just added.

Let us know if you find any bugs, have issues with update or there’s anything that worries you.
The best method to contact us is as usual the helpdesk system available in your account area.

+ means that the feature was added
! means that the issue was fixed

  1. ! margin for “Edit” button
  2. + RSS feed - now you have option to choose Atom or RSS feed in component’s options
  3. + Items Module - new option to show/hide region
  4. + post code added
  5. ! search enhanced
  6. + Favourites view can now be picked from menu settings
  7. ! regions listing fixed in backend
  8. ! maps module fixed
  9. + hide price option
  10. + option to hide intro description and pull part of full description to it
  11. + Joomla groups can be now assigned to categories
  12. ! modal picture in default Joomla template
  13. ! durations for free ads now works fine
  14. ! Items module - multi columns
  15. + option to hide intro description and pull part of full description to it
  16. + date format
  17. + position in table
  18. ! when the ad was edited in backend by administrator it was assigned to administrator
  19. + show/hide description and category column i table view
  20. + option to add URL (linked) to the ad
  21. + option to add Youtube and Vimeo movies to the ad
  22. + hide price option
  23. + price format
  24. + Items module - picture
  25. + after user adds the ad administrator gets notification email with link to the ad
  26. ! reset button in search
  27. ! Safari browser validation
  28. + images - choose between resize/resize and crop and option to select the edge to which it should be cropped
  29. + choose if use name or username
  30. ! search by price
  31. ! search module language fix
  32. ! table view - images issue fixed under Chrome browser
  33. + all promotions now visible in backend even if not visible on front
  34. + page header now can be turned on/off in menu item settings
  35. ! search with checkboxes selected
  36. ! contact and tooltip
  37. + IP address of the advertiser visible in backend
  38. ! if free promotion is choosen now it does not redirect to payment view
  39. ! actual version visible in backend
  40. + additional info on promotions list explaining that advertiser can choose more then one promotion at once
  41. + new module position ‘djcf-item-bottom’ under the ad
  42. ! Search module - fixed categories sorting
  43. + select category in Items Module
  44. + select regions in Items Module
  45. + follow region in Items Module
  46. + set amount of columns in categories above the ads
  47. + joomla native search plugin
  48. + search in category and regions (?)
  49. + option to add/remove the Custom Field to all categories at once
  50. + option to hide empty categories over the ads list
  51. + option to hide empty categories in Menu Module
  52. + select categories ordering method in Menu Module (ordering/title)
  53. ! issue with Category Tree columns ordering when only parent categories were added
  54. + Facebook comments
  55. + currency list selection for ads
  56. + tooltips for fields in addition form
  57. + email with notification for administrator different when advert is edited and when it’s a new advert
  58. + administrator now gets email with list of specific promotions chosen by advertiser
  59. + alt tag with title for images in table, blog and Items Module
  60. ! fixed issue when the ad was edited without payment
  61. ! removed blank characters in new line in intro description
  62. + default category selection in Search module
  63. ! add to favourites for unregistered users
  64. + english labels for not translated labels
  65. + title characters limit for title
  66. + different price for adverts renewal

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