Another BIG update for DJ-Classifieds

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Another BIG update for DJ-Classifieds
12 September 2012
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Another BIG update for DJ-Classifieds

26 November, 2021

Again we analyzed what you asked for and prepared the really huge update of DJ-Classifieds with some fixes and what's most important with many many extra features.

Some of the most important are: 

  • new feature - favourites, now every registered user can save the favourite ads he's following, so no need to search every time!
  • completely new module - "User Menu" with all needed links for your users, now in a simple module you can show the most important links to adding new advert, user's adverts and favourites adverts
  • we added the option not to use the location - if your classifieds site is the local one and you don't need to use location, you can now disable that and just let your users put the whole address - maps will know where it is
  • talking about the maps - another new feature - get directions - allow your users to find the best way to the advertiser 
  • maps again? - ok - now you can add your custom icon to maps 
  • the option known from maps module was now added also to Items module - so it can follow categories now - exemplary usage - see more ads from this category under the ads
  • and many more - the changelog you'll find below the DJ-Classifieds description gives more detailed info about what was added/changed/fixed

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