DJ-Classifieds update! Version 2.3.2

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DJ-Classifieds update! Version 2.3.2
18 April 2013
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DJ-Classifieds update! Version 2.3.2

26 November, 2021

Nearly 100 new features and fixes.

Current version is 2.3.2

Most important new features are: 

  • Types - with types you can add another level of categorization to the adverts
  • Improved Google Maps handling with clustering
  • Options to hide contact details for unregistered users
  • Enhanced Maps, Items and Search modules
  • Custom icons for categories in Google Maps

there's a LOT more new features and fixes.


info for subscribers: you can update the extension right from the component with the integrated updater or just download the latest version from download area and install it normal way. All settings, adverts etc, will remain. After update remember to generate the corrdinates. Because to new Google Maps API handling it's needed to make the map module display your adverts.

After update go to items and click "Generate Coord." icon top left.

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