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New to DJ-Extensions?

Unlock Endless Possibilities with Unlimited Plan

Do you need full access to our products? Our Unlimited Plan is the perfect solution for you! We provide you with unlimited access to DJ-Extensions set of plugins, extensions, templates and themes, so you can develop your projects without any limitations. Explore how DJ-Extensions Unlimited Plan resolves your quest for comprehensive access to all our products, all while maintaining cost-efficiency.



Lifetime use

up to 40% renewal discount*

  • All templates & extensions
  • 1 year of downloads, updates and support
  • Unlimited domains

What the Unlimited Plan Includes?

Discover the Full Spectrum of Products Included in the DJ-Extensions Unlimited Plan.

Basic benefits

Having an unlimited plan provides several benefits to the user. Let's start with the most obvious ones listed in the plan description.

1 year of downloads, updates, and support

For one year, you can download unlimited packs of products, you have access to the latest updates we release, and very significantly, our support team will help you if something doesn't work or you are unsure how to configure it.

Get free hosting account!

Upgrade your hosting experience for free! If you purchased or renewed the "Unlimited" plan in the last week, you qualify for a complimentary move to our dedicated server. Enjoy superior speed and performance with reduced server load. Elevate your hosting now!

All templates & extensions

The plan's subscriber gets access to all Joomla and WordPress products. It includes +55 Joomla templates, +33 WordPress themes, +10 premium Joomla extensions, WordPress plugins. These numbers keep rising!

Unlimited domains

Having an active Unlimited Plan subscription allows you to create licenses for an unlimited number of domains. You get one main license key, which you can use (register) on an unlimited number of websites.

Our top products

Unlock the Power of Joomla with Our Comprehensive Extension Bundle

Are you ready to take your Joomla website to the next level? Look no further than our exclusive bundle featuring four essential extensions: DJ-Catalog2, DJ-MegaMenu, DJ-Reviews, and DJ-MediaTools. Together, these versatile solutions form the cornerstone of a robust and dynamic web presence, offering unmatched functionality and flexibility for Joomla users.

Most significant benefit!

The most significant benefit is the incredible savings. If you frequently buy our products, you will spend more than the one-time €197 €328 for the Unlimited plan.

Top Joomla templates and WordPress themes
based on YOOTheme PRO

Unlock Unlimited Design Possibilities with YOOtheme Pro Templates

Our exclusive template subscription unlocks a world of design possibilities at an unbeatable value. For just €89, gain access to premium YOOtheme Pro templates for 6 months. However, when you consider the cost of extending your subscription for a year, the numbers speak for themselves. By renewing your subscription for a single template, you could spend over €120 in just one year. And that's for just one template! Imagine the potential costs if you decide to explore additional designs or enhance your existing template with extra functionality. With our template subscription, you not only gain access to high-quality designs but also minimize your expenses in the long run. Whether you're a seasoned designer or a website enthusiast, our subscription model ensures that you can explore, experiment, and evolve your website's design without financial constraints.

Buy DJ-Extensions Unlimited Plan

Simplify Your Workflow with Unlimited Access

Discover the seamless solution for developers managing multiple client websites. With our unlimited plan, effortlessly handle an infinite number of license keys, streamlining your workflow and ensuring smooth management across all your projects.

Stay Ahead with Automatic Access

As an active subscriber to the unlimited plan, gain automatic access to any new products we introduce during your subscription period. Stay up-to-date with the latest offerings without any additional costs.

Enjoy Significant Savings

Secure your subscription for a year by paying €197 €328 once. Plus, if you renew your subscription before it expires, enjoy a generous 40% discount. Even if you choose to renew later, we offer a 25% discount if you do so within 60 days of your subscription's expiration date.

Take the Next Step Today

Unlock unlimited possibilities for your projects. Subscribe now and experience the convenience and savings our unlimited plan offers.