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In search of personalized solutions tailored precisely to fit your specific requirements? Your quest ends with our custom work service. Our team specializes in crafting solutions to meet your exact needs, ensuring that your vision is realized to the fullest. Whether you need custom extensions, bespoke templates or tailored integrations, we're dedicated to bringing your ideas to life. Experience the transformative power of customization with DJ-Extensions custom work.

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Looking for a reliable partner to bring your website vision to life? Whether you need a brand-new design or want to leverage existing Joomla templates or WordPress Themes, we've got the expertise to deliver a tailored solution that suits your needs. With us, you'll get a seamless online presence that sets you apart.

Are you looking for a partner to build a professional website that meets WCAG 2.1 standards at AA/AAA levels? Our team specializes in creating fully compliant websites using modern WordPress or Joomla solutions. Whether you're a city, municipality, school, foundation, or public institution, our comprehensive services are tailored to your needs. With us, you'll get a website that not only meets accessibility standards but also enhances your online presence and credibility.

Looking to tailor your Joomla or WordPress extensions to fit your unique needs? We've got you covered! Our team excels at customizing, enhancing, or even building extensions from scratch, ensuring they align perfectly with your requirements. Whether it's tweaking existing features or creating entirely new ones, we're here to bring your vision to life and optimize your website's functionality.

Looking to elevate your Joomla or WordPress website with custom solutions tailored to your needs? With 18 years of experience serving clients worldwide, our team has amassed a wealth of expertise in crafting advanced extensions and bespoke designs for Joomla and WordPress platforms. Whether you're seeking feature-rich extensions or unique website designs, we have the skills and experience to bring your vision to life and help your website stand out from the crowd.

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Extensions Modifications and Development

Seeking personalized adjustments to your Joomla or WordPress extensions? Look no further! Our team specializes in tailoring, enhancing, or crafting extensions from the ground up to perfectly suit your specifications. From refining existing features to developing entirely new ones, we're dedicated to realizing your vision and maximizing your website's performance.

Explore a few examples of our work

The element searches for postal codes and displays the article assigned to the code.

It also allows you to configure the search itself in terms of the styles of the button and the input field, as well as to enter your text as a placeholder in the search field and text on the button.

Migration of categories, fields and products from Virtuemart to DJ-Catalog2.

In addition, the client requested a filter module similar in functionality to the one used earlier on Virtuemart, which was implemented by making a code for an additional module for Dj-Catalog2.

For this client, we completed several tasks related to the development of dj-classifieds:

  • The client's need was for some ads to be visible only to customers with other authorizations. Therefore, an additional level of VIP ads was added. Ads of this level are displayed only to logged-in users whose accounts have been verified and qualified as VIP.

  • We also synchronized announcements between services. It was important to synchronize selected ad categories.

  • To fulfil the client's needs, we made an additional component DJ-Classifieds Sync. The component communicates with external sites using the Joomla API and DJ-Classifieds. This allows us to define any connections with other services and define the categories to be synchronized. The synchronization action is called a cron job.

Our client intends to use DJ-Classifieds as a music directory where creators can add their tracks.

To this end, we have expanded the ad view and integrated DJ-Classifieds with DJ-AudioList in such a way that the mp3 file added by the user can be played on the ad view.

Weblight needed its client a specific custom look for PDF documents generated by the DJ-Catalog2 component. The generated documents had to be adapted to the requirements in Switzerland. In addition, graphical changes were needed - including placing an additional logo on the documents.

We modified the PDF templates for waybill, proforma and invoice in such a way that the client's requirements were met.

Thanks to this calculator, the buyer can enter additional parameters of the product, e.g. dimensions through input fields (enter value) and the system calculates the price based on the calculator defined in the backend.

We wrote a custom program to import ads from XML files. 

Additionally, we have written a script that imports ads from Nokaut API, thanks to which we can earn affiliate money on ads and purchases from Nokaut API - it is a simple price comparison engine with affiliate links - LINK

Custom import functionality from allegro. Customers can link their allegro account to the site and import ads.