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Looking for a versatile e-commerce solution that fits your business needs? Meet DJ-Catalog2 – the ultimate tool for creating online stores. Whether you need a simple setup or advanced customization, DJ-Catalog2 has you covered. With built-in multilanguage and RTL support, along with essential plugins for payments, delivery, and integrations, it's never been easier to start selling. From physical and digital products to subscription services, DJ-Catalog2 offers everything you need to build a reliable online presence. Solve your e-commerce challenges today with DJ-Catalog2

Smooth browsing
and products purchase

DJ-Catalog2 provides a clear way of browsing, searching, and purchasing products. A dedicated customer dashboard provides all needed information for your customers.
  • Easy and fast cart and checkout
  • Easily upsell products in the cart
  • Customer dashboard

catalog or shop?

It's up to you. You can decide if you want to use DJ-Catalog2 as a simple catalog, advanced directory or e-commerce solution

Products are the core of directory and online store.
DJ-Catalog2 provides the best of if both for users and managers.

  • Unlimited products, categories, users, and custom fields
  • Custom fields, field groups
  • Product page can handle as many or as little information you want, you have control of every detail

Easy and powerful management

With vast number of customization and management options and its open code, it's possible to build any e-commerce or directory website with a Joomla logic you already know.
  • Easy and fast cart and checkout
  • Easily upsell products in the cart
  • Customer dashboard

Prices, discounts,
and taxes

Prices are not carved in stone. DJ-Catalog2 provides several ways you can control the prices, taxes, and discounts.
  • Unlimited products, categories, users, and custom fields
  • Custom fields, field groups
  • Product page can handle as many or as little information you want, you have control of every detail

Integrations, modules, plugins, translations

  • DJ-Catalog2 comes with Payment gateways plugins for Paypal, Stripe, Sofort, Mollie, Amazon, Paylane, and more.
  • You can also use the delivery methods plugins, and if you have programming knowledge, you can easily create new integrations, or DJ-Extensions.com can create one for you.

Packed with advanced features when you need them

  • Tiered pricing
  • Add additional services to products.
  • Product variants
  • Automatic labeling - discounted products can be automatically labeled.

The physical product, downloadable or subscription?

Choose what product you want to sell. That can be physical goods, virtual products (downloadable) or subscription.

Now the user creating a new product in DJ-Catalog2 can determine whether the product is tangible, virtual or a subscription.

  • Tangible products have the delivery methods available.
  • Virtual products can be downloaded after the purchase.
  • Subscription type products allow you to sell time-limited access to Joomla! user group.

Joomla online store

DJ-Catalog2 offers a Joomla shopping cart. Now it’s a feature-rich solution, easy to use, allowing to create an online store and start selling you products using all features required for a professional e-commerce website.

Discover the features and the power of DJ-Catalog2:

  • allow your customers to make an order as a guest or create an account
  • create various payment and delivery methods,
  • create a various combination of one product,

Tiered pricing unique feature

Define prices or discounts for your products depending on purchases

Grant your customers a discount if they purchase a required number of products in a single order.

Three types of discount definitions are available:

  • fixed value - calculate the discount base
  • discount by percent (%) - enter the discount percentage
  • discount by value - enter the discount amount


Looking for a versatile solution for your business needs? DJ-Catalog2 offers core multilanguage and RTL support, along with payment, delivery, and integration plugins, catering to both simple and advanced scenarios. See all features:

Easy and intuitive product card creation

Create beautiful product cards, insert attractive images, add videos, tables, presentations and galleries.

VAT rates based on buyer country

In some countries, there is a need to settle the vat rate from the buyer country. Our system allows you to configure it.

Customer panel

In the panel, customer has access to his invoices as well as purchases history.

Coupon codes

Generate any coupon codes (i.e. for regular customers or on special occasions).

Product attachements

Add files for download like catalogs or manuals as an addition to a costly product description.

Custom product labels

Highlight some of the products with special labels. It will bring the visitors attention to special promotions or occasions.

Automatic invoice issuing

It's an end of the trouble with invoices.
With our store, you will be able to download them from the back easily-end panel and deliver it to your accountant.

Prices dependent on the number of purchased items

Encourage your clients to purchase more at one time thanks to adjustable price levels that depends on how many pieces of the same product will be purchased.
The more, the lower price per item. This is a well-known and straightforward from ages method of increasing the seller income.

Various Joomla templates support

A good product is just a half-way to success.
The first impression is what may decide whether a visitor will dive deeper into your website. This is why your store needs to have a nice and clean but at the same time eye-catching graphic and layout.

Add a service to your product

Make your offer even more attractive by adding additional service to your product that users may buy.
For example a gift pack service.

Prices and stock levels in one view

When there are a lot of products in the store, prices and stock levels updates may be a real nightmare.
Our component provides an intuitive single-list view where you can change these amounts without going into each single product view.

GDPR compliance

Be legal! Since May 25, 2018, in EU specific regulations regarding personal data protection applications.
Not everyone is aware of severe penalties for non-compliance. Our store meets the new rules.

Guest users orders

Not every customer wants to set an account on your website.
We give you a possibility to configure your store to allow such clients to purchase without the need of registration.

More menu items

Our store system allows you to add new menu items quickly and point them to new content or to existing elements to improve the navigation.

VAT and VAT EU tax support

If you sell your products to different EU countries, it is essential to validate the EU VAT number.
You do not have to do it manually, our store will do it for you connecting with the online VIES database.

Intuitive and ergonomic cart

Customers value their time.
We respect it, and this is why we developed our cart system to provide fast and smooth orders process.

Different payment and shipment methods

Remember, the customer needs to have a choice.
Let the user decide if he likes to pay with credit card, online transfer or upon the pickup. Let him choose cheaper post or faster courier delivery.

Unlimited categories and subcategories

Group products in categories, it will make it easier for the client to find the right product and boost a sale.

Static landing pages

In our online store, it is easy to add your own custom landing pages like promotions description, policies, contacts, etc.

Mobile version

Your store will work great on desktops as well as on mobile devices.

Products variants

Make the search in your store even easier.
Replace standard search with an intelligent solution which allows finding the desired product in a flash.

Product custom fields

Use custom fields as search filters.
Your clients will be able to find the product faster which will boost your sale.

Products comparison

Make it easier for your clients to choose the right product for them.
The built-in product comparison tool lets the user set together few products to check their features.


All are available for free with the DJ-Catalog2.
Find them in downloads section in your account area.

DHL-24 PL shipment

DPD shipment

InPost shipment

Pocztex shipment

Standard shipment

Falang plugin

OSMap plugin

Artio plugin

Joomla! Search component

DJ-MediaTools plugin

Joomla User Profile plugin

PageBreak plugin

Custom Field plugin

Addthis plugin

Komento plugin

JLexReview plugin

FB Comments plugin

JComments plugin

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