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How to customize slide in DJ-MediaTools

Customize slide

Make a creative slideshow with unregular shapes, customized colors for each element of the slide.

You can change the overall look of the slide using a border-radius feature, background color, fonts for title, fonts for read-more, description and customize its colors + many more features.

How to customize the Slide in DJ-MediaTools?

Slide parameters can be found in Global settings, Album settings, Menu settings, and Module settings in the tab:  Slide Settings

Learn more about the Slide Settings parameters details from this article: Configuration DJ-MediaTools

dj-mediatools customization in slide settings
dj-mediatools slide settings customize

The InfoBox position can be set to:

dj-mediatools infobox settings in module

Infobox positions

Over the image

dj-mediatools infobox position over the image

Above the image

dj-mediatools infobox position above the image

Below the image

dj-mediatools infobox position below the image

On the left

dj-mediatools infobox position on the left

On the right

dj-mediatools infobox position on the right

In tooltip

Additionally, in the Grid layout, you can also display the infobox in the tooltip.

dj-mediatools infobox position tooltip

Video tutorial

Watch our video tutorial.

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