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All extensions are released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 ( Specifically, the PHP code portions are distributed under the GPL license. If not otherwise stated, all images, manuals, cascading style sheets, and included JavaScript are NOT GPL, and are released under " Proprietary Use License" unless specifically authorized elements of the extensions released under this proprietary license may not be redistributed or repackaged for use other than those allowed by the Terms of Use. Proprietary Use License

The " Proprietary Use License" covers any images, cascading stylesheets, manuals and JavaScript files in any extensions produced and/or distributed by These files are copyrighted by and cannot be redistributed in any form without prior consent from


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This is a versitile and responsive photo slideshow. It was the most functional slideshow I could find that also had the ability for smartphone users to swipe through the gallery. Tomasz provided...

User, Administrator and Smartphone friendly