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Install all the packages in the ordinary way.

In the Joomla administration navigate to Extensions → Manage.


Browse to the location where you downloaded the package, select it and click Upload File & Install.


After installing all packages, the DJ-MediaTools component is available on the components list and the module is displayed within the Module Manager. Let's take a look at the configuration of each installed item. As all the packages are based on the DJ-MediaTools component, let’s start with it.

Joomla! Extensions, Services, Templates
What makes a good extension?

It’s not only programming skills, it’s also the ability to listen to user requests and feedback. Joomla! extensions we design are built from scratch to reflect the needs of our customers. With the help of our forum we are able to receive nearly instant feedback and implement the suggested ideas. The evergrowing users community is the best testimonial we could ever think about. If you need support, services, templates or anything else let us know.


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