DJ-MediaTools extension for Joomla 3 and 2.5 allows you to create slideshows and galleries, insert them into articles (with included editor button), modules or create separate component views. The well written structure works with responsive templates and gives the option to display images, Vimeo/Youtube videos, DJ-Classifieds items, DJ-Catalog2 items, K2 items, Virtuemart products, folder and Joomla content/articles in attractive way. You can even import your slides from DJ-ImageSlider seamlessly.

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Works with

Joomla Articles Joomla Articles
VirtueMart Products VirtueMart Products
DJ-Catalog2 DJ-Catalog2
Folder Images Folder Images
DJ-Classifieds DJ-Classifieds
K2 K2
Disqus Disqus
EasyBlog EasyBlog
Falang Falang
Facebook Facebook
HikaShop HikaShop
JComments JComments




Upload many images at once. New "Upload settings" tab added.

Drag and Drop Ordering

Simple ordering by dragging and dropping items’ thumbnails.

Quick titles changing

Easier titles altering for each item. Even during upload.


Effectiveness on every device. No metter desktop or mobile.

CSS3 Animations

Easy to use animation transitions in modern browsers.

Grid gallery layout improvements

Responsiveness, CSS3 animations, image loading effects and “touchscreen friendly” function added.

More effects

All options of image effects now also applied to image loading.

Touch screen friendly

Well-adjusted to work on devices with touch screen.

Create album from article, module, menu

Create album while editing article in the same modal window with edtior button.
8-album slideshow

8 album layouts

Layouts such as Tabber, standard DJ-ImageSlider, Modern Slider, two experimental – and more.

Create video albums

Use included plugins to make albums with videos (YouTube, Vimeo).

Put your album inside articles

Add albums to articles with editor button. No more tags.

Smart image resizing

Effective size changing on the fly with GD2 Library software.

Easy integration with 3rd party extensions

Advanced plugin system allows developer to create plugin for almost any 3rd party extension/source.

Customized effects and album layouts

Use personalized possibilities to create tailored effects and album designs.



Other features
  • Unlimited Albums and items
  • Rich effects settings
  • Customise navigation without any coding (change the arrows, play, stop, next, previous, pause buttons)
  • Change navigation position
  • Control settings of each album separately on global, menu, album or module level
  • Customize description effect
  • Control Item elements options (title, description, readmore, readmore text, linking options, link description, description characters limit)



Available addons
  • DJ-MediaTools module
  • DJ-MediaTools Joomla Articles source plugin
  • DJ-MediaTools DJ-Catalog2 Products source plugin
  • DJ-MediaTools DJ-Classifieds Ads source plugin
  • DJ-MediaTools Virtuemart Products source plugin
  • DJ-MediaTools K2 Items source plugin
  • DJ-MediaTools Folder source plugin
  • DJ-MediaTools Editor Button plugin
  • DJ-MediaTools Joomla Content plugin



Available Translations

Joomla templates using this extension


After installing half a dozen other slideshow extensions, this proved to be the solution to all my problems.... This is the one, folks!