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Weekend sale - selected bestsellers

Grab one of those plans 31% cheaper this Weekend (12-15 January). Click the "Buy" link, log in to your account at DJ-Extensions and use coupon code:


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DJ-Extensions (Joomla extensions) Weekend Sale

DJ-Classifieds + All Apps

$150 / $103.5

DJ Classifieds and ads

DJ-Classifieds extension with 11 premium Apps, 18 payment methods over 40 integrations and 6 months subscription (updates + 1:1 Support)

Included DJ-Classifieds Apps:

  • Subscription plans
  • Search Alerts
  • AJAX
  • Multi Categories
  • Bad Words
  • Attachments
  • Alta User Points
  • Ghost ads
  • Internal Messaging
  • Coupons
  • Invoices

Buy DJ-Classifieds + All Apps

All extensions Bundle

$245 / $169

All extensions bundle

The plan that includes every commercial extension and DJ-Classifieds App and 6 months subscription (updates + 1:1 Support)

Included premium Joomla extensions:

  • DJ-Classifieds + 11 Apps
  • DJ-Catalog2
  • DJ-MediaTools
  • DJ-MegaMenu
  • DJ-Tabs
  • DJ-Flyer
  • DJ-Suggester
  • DJ-Reviews
  • DJ-CookieMonster

Buy All extensions bundle

DJ-MediaTools & DJ-MegaMenu & DJ-Tabs

$82 / $56.58

MediaTools & Mega Menu & Tabs

The bundle that includes three popular premium extensions with 6 months subscription (updates + 1:1 Support)

  • DJ-MediaTools - Joomla extension for galleries, slideshows, sliders. Place them anywhere in your Joomla!
  • DJ-MegaMenu - A wide range of possibilities to set up the menu you need (now with vertical orientation!)
  • DJ-Tabs - Displays content in tabs or accordion. Great for news display.

Buy DJ-MediaTools & DJ-MegaMenu & DJ-Tabs


Joomla Monster (Joomla templates + Joomla extensions) Weekend Sale

JM ClassifiedAds - material design Joomla template & classifieds

$99 / $68.31

JM ClassifiedAds

Material design Joomla template inspired by Material Design by Google.

It is a complete platform for a classifieds website, auction portal or companies, and products directory.The Joomla’s most popular classifieds extension for Joomla is included with the subscription. Charge advertisers in many different ways: for posting in paid categories, for promoting ads, for extra images, for extra characters in the description and much more!

What you get:

  • Mobile friendly, fast and effective Joomla template
  • Full, SEO friendly classifieds software
  • Included premium extensions: DJ-Classifieds, DJ-MediaTools, DJ-MegaMenu, DJ-Reviews
  • 6 months subscription for templates and extensions with 1:1 support and product updates!

Buy JM ClassifiedAds

JM Education - Joomla WCAG 2.0 compliant template including 508 & ADA

$59 / $40.71

Education Joomla template

Magnificent education Joomla 3 template created for any type of schools like primary school, college, university, language school or daycare and kindergarten websites. WCAG 2.0 compliant template means that it follows WCAG and section 508 and ADA recommendations for an accessible website to adjust for people with different disabilities like visual, cognitive, motor or hearing impaired.

What you get:

  • 100% responsive school Joomla WCAG 2.0 compliant template
  • Ready to showcase school offer,
  • students area,
  • School events section
  • Included extensions: DJ-MediaTools, DJ-MegaMenu, DJ-Events, DJ-Tabs
  • 6 months subscription for templates and extensions with 1:1 support and product updates!

Buy JM Education

All Joomla templates & extensions bundle

$299 / $206.31

All Joomla template bundle

This is the best offer for web developers or individual customers who want to have access to all our Joomla templates for a year.

Save 90% comparing to getting the products separately!

1 Year Subscription for all current and new updates that appear during subscription period!

All premium Joomla extensions from included (except Apps).

  • 12 months access to download area + new coming templates!
  • demo sites copies of all templates (52) - all Quickstarts (73 of them, as some of the templates, have different versions to choose from included)
  • 12 months subscription for templates and extensions with 1:1 support and product updates!

Buy All Joomla templates & extensions bundle